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checking reg/rec and stator on a 00 gsxr750

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by qbnspeedfreak, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. as some of you might have read on the general discussion thread, my gsxr decided it didn't wanna run anymore, as the battery died in the bum near long flat on the oxley, i couldn't source a battery on sunday, not that it mattered to much as there could have been an underlying cause to it dying

    i am heading up thursday night to trailer the bike back on friday, so i was wondering if someone could tell me how to check if the reg/rec is functioning correctly? obvisouly to check the stator is working i just put a multimeter cross the terminals and check the charge rate to see if any charge is going to the battery.

    just incase anyone cn diagnose the problem, here is what happened travelling along the oxley, i hadn't even check what speed i was doing and though i should have a look, i noticed i had no instrument, rolled onto the throttle still had some power but was a little bit sluggish, so i thought it's still running i'm going to keep going.

    tip into a 35km/h right hander and roll on the throttle out the other side, the bike starts to buck violently as the power kicked in and out, so decided it was time to pull over, we pulled the seat off check the battery terminals were tight, and all cother wiring connection wereall snug.

    turn the key back on, my instruments are back but not enough power to turn the starter over, so bump start it ride for another 6kms and all power does the the disappearing act, so pull over again, bump start the bike and head back to long flat about 2kms, then procced to lift the tankand check more wwiring connections, before giving up and parking the bike up for the night

  2. Best test for "field" servicing would be to use a multimeter. Start bike and put multimeter, on volts, across battery terminals. Run engine around 3000 rpm.
    Anything below 13.5v or above 14.8-.9v when engine is running is something very wrong.
    Unless you have teh new reg/rec there on hand, you can't go further with the repairs.
    However, I would thoroughly check all teh wiring from stator to reg/rec and on to battery, plus any and all high current wiring (earth straps etc) for any damage. Pay particular attention to connectors.

    Regards, Andrew.