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Checking out the GT250R at Peter Stevens tomorrow...

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by van, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. Do you Hyo owners have any suggestions on what I should ask? I am, after all, a complete noob, and I'd like to make sure I'm not getting rolled or anything like that!

  2. The suggestion I'm guessing you'll most lilely get is not to look at the bike at Peter Stevens' !
  3. Well you'd like to think there wasn't much they could stuff up in the predelivery but...
  4. Oh, they've got a bad reputation then? Where else ought I go?
  5. You could also check out A1 motorcycles in Ringwood they sell Hyosung too

  6. Not anymore! Go to staffords in heidelberg... If your paying cash tell them $6800 INCLUDING on roads.... NO MORE!! If your going finance, organise it yourself! DO NOT use theirs!
  7. hey van, i'm picking mine up from p s tomorrow. there isnt much room for negotiating but u can get it down from $7300 which is what they say
  8. If that's the place just near Redwing Honda on Bell St, they had quite a few of them there last week when I was there.
  9. I'll see if I can pricematch then :D

    Whoever I buy my bike from is also going to get about 2 grand's worth of riding gear and accessories sales from me, so hopefully they're nice enough to drop a bit off the bike.
  10. Look for a discount on your gear too if your buying it all with the bike :) My understanding (feel free to correct me here) is that there is a bigger margin on gear/accessories so you may be able to get more of a deal in that area.

    If your buying a new bike from a shop thats already on display, make sure you do a full walk around to check for scratchs/marks from other admirers. Also worth checking tyre pressure (mine was down ~10 pounds front and rear).

    When checking prices, be careful you are comparing apples with apples - make sure you get the full "on road" cost as predelivery charges can vary wildly from different places.

    Good luck!
  11. Hiya Van actually hi everyone first time posta here.

    I literally just got off the my brand new gt250r after having it delivered (free delivery) tonight from Stafford Motorcycles.
    I ended up paying $7,800 ride away with a sports exhaust but he is selling them for stock for $7300 ride away.

    I looked at Peter Stevens and didn't really like the salesman bit of a young smartass. I had heard good things about Staffords so I went out there on Sat and just got a good vibe. Don seems like a pretty decent bloke doesn't put the hard sell on. Plus you only get charged $30 for your first 1000km service.

    Bike seems like a bit of fun obviously haven't given it any stick yet so can't really comment on performance etc....

    Anyway good luck
  12. yep here is some advise .

    do a search on netrider and read all the PETER STEVENS threads ( about 20 of them ) , then if you are silly enough to go there you wont have to worry about what to look for because you will be screwed anyway .
  14. i got my Hyo gt250r last week. (in perth)

    wrote a review on it in the review section.

    I got mine for 7000 with ORC included, paid cash and got 250 bucks off my gear which was worth about 500 originally. I also got a free height adjust kit and I also got free delivery and a tank of petrol and the guy threw in a tank proctector i gess he was feeling generous... haha~

    so all up i paid $7250 for everything
  15. You mean the rear preload aduster spanner?
    Or do the GT250R's come with adjustable dog bones and i never knew about it?!
  17. looked something like this...
    probably 2bucks of metal, but yeah, it was installed free

  18. Hey I got my bike from Peter Stevens and well it's a new bike so no issues. They are a professional sales driven company and the bloke or lady on the sales floor is there to extract the maximum gross profit they can.

    If you are aware of this then you will do OK. I got my GT250 for $8,000 all up including $2,000 bucks worth of gear so did OK.

    One good thing about PS is that they normally have gear on special, last year's model etc. They will as a minumum give you 10% off the gear.

    Work out in your head the price of the total package and then offer them a reasonable price and say that is my budget and my wife will kill me if I go over :grin: , also I have found when making larger purchases if you leave the final deal close to the end of the month they are more willing to negotiate as they all have sales targets to reach. :shock:

    Anyway PS has been good to me, I was not going to buy the bike from them but the dealer I was going to buy it from stopped selling Hyosungs and by that stage I had already made up my mind.

    Mate enjoy don't get caught up in trying to save five bucks it's not worth the hassle IMO.

  19. No offence Champ & I know no-one likes to hear it.... but you got pleasured.... VIOLENTLY.

    -Bike should be $6800 (cash) ride away or $6950 (finance)
    -First Service should almost always be free
    -Sports Exhaust cost about 400-450 for the Hyo.
    -For gear, go to bikemart & if you buy everything ask for 15% off the lot

    If your like me and dont mind paying a bit extra for good service, then thats cool. BUT I got mine at PS Dandenong after the guy at PS Ringwood was a complete toss. So my opinion of PS is very very very poor.
  20. hmmm this might have been the case when you could buy a Hyosung from quite a few dealers but now only a couple carry them competition is lower therefore prices are higher.

    $6,800 for the GT250R is bloody cheap and you did very well to negotiate this down.