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Checking out my first bike this weekend!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kowai, May 7, 2009.

  1. What do I need to look out for guys? :D This is my first bike ever, as well as my first vehicle purchase ever. Private sale, a 2006 Hyosung Aquila GV250 :)

    What questions should I ask? :)

    Oh I'm taking along my boyfriend to help me out :)
  2. Can't really help you too much but until others chime in with their words of wisdom, check out the info in here , located above in the "Sticky's" which I'm sure you'll find a shedload of practical/good advice.

    Good luck with it.
  3. Id be asking why your buying a Hyosung after all the problems other members have had with them.
  4. Ask the owner what tow-truck service he uses.
  5. I expected better of you two :evil: The lady's here asking for sensible advice and all she gets is throw-away rubbish.

    Kowai, can you possibly get someone who knows bike well (I'm, assuming your b/f is going along just for moral support ? :LOL: ??) to go with you???

    Perhaps a Netrider might like to volunteer his or her services for an hour or two???
  6. you need to like the bike and be comfortable on it. get a mechanic to check it out. costs about $100 and there are a few people around that do it.
  7. The thing is hornet - considering the year of the bike, they might be correct.
  8. Okay....

    Yeah its 2006 but it has low kms on it and its in my price range.. I'll be checking it out this weekend to hopefully see if it has any issues!

    Thats why I'm taking my boyfriend too. I've never bought a vehicle before and he has, so I'm hoping he'll have some advice for me. I don't know anyone who has a bike.

    The Hyosung looks to me like a great first bike. The seat is low which I want and its the style of bike I want. I've read reviews on it and it seems to be the bike for me.

    With the exception of jorge_k, twistngo and hornet - Thanks -so- much for the lack of advice here guys, its so helpful. Way to make me feel crap about my first purchase. :mad:

    jorge_k thanks so much for that link! Its a huge help!
  9. From a new rider who also knows nothing about the mechanics of bikes I, like twistngo, would highly recommend you spend the $100 or so to arrange a motorbike inspection before you purchase. The Sydney company I used would be of no help to you, but there are numerous options in Victoria. It really does give you some peace of mind.
  10. I agree with getting a mechanic to check it over.
    All the shinies and joy of getting a new bike might make you skip over a few of the checks.

    Call a couple of local shops and ask what they will charge for a once over.
    If the owner really doesn't like this idea I would worry
  11. As others have mentioned, have a mechanic check over it. If possible, use a Hyosung dealer - I would recommend Staffords in Heidelberg.

    From a previous owners perspective, I had 18 months on a '02 GV250 without any problems - like all bikes, there are good ones and not so good ones.

    Good luck with your search for one :)
  12. Cheers guys, I'll definately get it checked out! Last thing I want is to miss something important and I get a bad deal..
  13. Kowai if I may add a 'girl's' perspective on your viewing of this bike. How many similar type bikes have you sat on? When I was looking to buy my first I ponced around all the dealerships and sat on all sorts of bikes fortunately I had the assistance of my beloved who knows a couple of bits & pieces about these two wheeled things.

    Don't make a hasty decision is my next piece of advice, don't let the seller pressure you in any way. We all hear "there's a couple of others looking at it too so first in best dressed" comment. Whenever I'm looking to buy something and I get that response my reply is "so be it". If it sells before you buy then it wasn't for you and there's something better around the corner.

    I cannot give you any advice on mechanics or other issues like a twisted frame from the bike having been dropped and it's difficult for a novice to know exactly what to look for. But ... if you're keen on it then recommend investing in getting it looked at as others have suggested.

    Good Luck, look forward to your further posts about your purchase.

    Hornet's suggestion about asking local NR's in your area is also wise.

    Put up another post "help wanted" :)

  14. +1. Do this. I think OZChris' suggestion to go to or at least talk to Stafford Motorcycles (here's the link to their website) is probably a good move. Regardless of what brand bike you end up getting, having it checked out by someone who knows about it is a good idea (unless its brand spankers of course).
  15. Hey Kowai! I own a HYO '09' GT650S. I did allot of research about these bikes and like you I had a budget, but fortunately I was able to get a new one. I also liked the way the bike felt when I was on it compared to others that I had sat on. I have had no drama's with mine (now has 6000 Kms').

    My advice in respect to the year model you are looking at, is definitely get it check by someone. In all the research I did the earlier models did have some problems and I am sure people on here have experienced some of these problems. But 1 point to note about this, I am sure bikes are no different to cars, every batch made will have some that don't perform; it’s a fact of life, and as the new models come out they work on the problems i.e. Series 1 and series 2 model Ford’s and Holden’s.

    Hope it works out well for you, make sure you post and let us know what happened. Oh and don't let other's inexperienced opinions sway your decision.
  16. 1st question u ask: Do u have Yamahas
    2nd question: do u have Hondas
    3rd question: do u have Suzukies
    4th question: do u have kawasaki's
    and so on
  17. Has it been dropped
    where does it normally live
    is it covered at night (if it lives outside)
    what type of riding has it done (ie commuting / twisties / combos / racing)
    Does it come with a service history
    any modifications
    what's the reason for selling the bike
  18. Hey thanks :)

    I've been looking at the Hyosung Aquila for a few months now, I've had a look at one, had a sit - I like the feel so far but of course I havent been able to ride one yet!

    I liked the seat height, the syle of the bike, and I want a 250 so the powers not an issue.

    I would -love- to get a new one.. However I'm just not in that position at the moment. I'm 23, out of home, paying rent/bills/etc, and I'm not exactly in a high paying job at this age!

    I really didn't think a 2006 model would be such an issue with people - any second hand bike I'm going to have to watch out for issues, and its only 3 years old. I -wish- I could get something newer, and maybe I can if this bike isn't the one for me, but yeah the newer - the more expensive. :(

    twistngo - Thanks so much for that link! I will definately check them out. I see not only do they do pre-buy inspections but they can ride the bike back to my place too :) Awesome!
  19. Most 3yo second hand bikes would be fine. I'm suggesting that a 3yo Hyosung 250 is more likely to have issues than most bikes on the market - according to what has been posted up here on netrider.

    The Yamaha Virago seems to be hard to kill.

    Choose to dismiss this if you wish, we're just trying to help.