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Checking in tires as baggage?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bucky, Nov 23, 2013.

  1. Has anyone ever boxed up, or wrapped a set of tires and checked them as baggage for a flight (international)? Ive been trying to do some research to see if there would be any problems as far as the airlines, customs, etc. I am flying from US to Australia and would like to take a set of DOTs as my second checked baggage.

  2. So long as they are under the dimension and weight restrictions you should be fine. I'd chuck 'em in a box though.
  3. A friend of mine, and his wife, have been known to take a pair of tyres in their baggage, flying Oz to Europe.

    I asked them how they did it and they explained that a tyre in a suitcase takes up surprisingly little room, if you fill up all the gaps with clothes and other stuff.

    Nobody gave them any dramas.
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  4. Might need a copy of the Invoice? Or declare them as trade samples?

    I think there would be more issues with getting through Customs than checking them as baggage.
  5. I doubt if u need a receipt as item has to cost over $1k before u need to pay duties on it
  6. Distant days, I know, but there was a story back in the 70s of a Sydney road-racer who couldn't afford to freight his Yamaha TZ700 to New Zealand for a race series, so he pulled it apart, packed it into several suitcases and took it with him as luggage....
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  7. He he he. I know a couple of blokes, who on trips to the US of A, returned home with no clothes, but suitcases full of steel cranks, alloy heads, titanium valves, forged pistons, forged H beam rods and various other high performance V8 engine parts. Cost a bit in excess weight though.
  8. Ditto on carrying the invoice/receipt.
    Only issue I've ever had with customs was a camera tripod which was like $220 but customs held it for a while thinking it might be over $1000. Isolated instance. Have carried and had sent items worth much more with no problem.
    Otherwise i don't see any issue with it.