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Check your VIN no's.. (ACT)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Blue14, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. So as most if you know i have sold the Boulevard. The guy does the normal check with Vic Rds and they say it has finance on it.. Like shit i say, i paid cash for it. Anyway after spending 4 hours on the phone on Monday to Vic Rds, and the equivalent in NSW and ACT, who just kept telling me to ring the other and its not there problem. At one stage i was even told i had to pay for a REVS report to find out who the finance co was, you reckon he didn't cop the best spray he's ever had.. :evil: He did tell me after that, i think it may have had something to do with me not being so happy by this stage. Then i had to speak to the finance company i had nothing to do with. Eventually today i have been told that Suzuki have put the same VIN on 2 bikes.. :shock: Yep thats what i have been told, and they cant remove the finance against it, cause it will then take it from the one that does have finance as well. All i have now is the report from the finance co with a 2006 Suzuki, same VIN, but different reg and engine no.. :?

    Have now spoken to the dealer i bought it off and i am awaiting more answers.. :roll:

    So if you bought a new 2006 Suzuki from the ACT, and took out finance, we may share the same VIN.. :evil:
  2. you better find a way to make the change permanant
    if that bike gets stolen and cops happen to check... it could get messy
    call suzuki australia and demand them to fix it
  3. You have gotta wonder how this can happen.
  4. Oops, left that bit out of my post.. I am waiting for an answer from my dealer..
  5. Who bloody knows, but i am not real happy i can assure you..
  6. What a weird thing to happen, maybe the mother motorbike had twins? :eek:
  7. These details are manually entered, so I'd guess a data entry error.

    Need to find the other bike, via the rego, and get that VIN checked.
  8. Well i have been told the dealer was contacted who has contacted the customer. It has been checked on the bike i have been led to believe. Thats why i have got the dealer here involved, i want it fixed what ever way it has to be done..
  9. I'd bet money on a data entry error as well.

    I got caught by a very similar situation a few years back.

    I bought a bike from a guy (via the trading post) and paid for it. Took it to the RWC place and got it roadworthied and fixed the minor issues and booked it into VicRoads to get checked and registered.

    I arrived, they looked at the paperwork... frowned... asked me to move to the side and said there was a problem with the computer and to please take a seat for a few minutes.

    After 10 minutes 2 police officers come in, go to the counter... the counter guy points at me and the police wander over.

    Huh thinks I :?

    They say <words to the effect of> "The bike you have bought is stolen, you'll have to come to the police station with us and we'll send someone to get the bike".

    We get to the police station and they try and bring up the bike information on the police computer, but find out that it's actually a queensland record and that because there registration system isn't linked to the queensland one (or at least it wasn't back then) that they have to check over the phone.

    They ring the relevant QLD section and are told it will take an hour a bit to get an answer. Meanwhile I'm sitting on a seat at the front of the police station counter with every person and their dog staring at me (in my bike gear) as they walk in and out. Felt like I was under a microscope.

    After 2 and a half hours (and several phone calls) the sergent is getting a bit impatient and tells me I can walk down the road to get some lunch but I have to be back in an hour. Which I did (didn't feel so bad after that).

    Another 2 hours go by and the QLD people ring up with the original records and they are checked against the bike (which is now sitting outside the police station). Turns out that the computer records (and the vic roads guy) had read a 3 as an E (or typed it that way or something) and that my bike didn't actually have the same numbers as the stolen bike from Queensland anyway!

    The sergent was pissed off (he'd wasted ages on and off the phone), so he says "get on the bike and follow me to vic roads". We get there and the sergent pushes to the front of the line and tells the counter droid he wants to see the guy from this morning and he wants that bike outside registered.

    The vicroads guy says "they only do regos in the morning" and the police sergents goes right off at him *snicker*. Tells him that due to Vic Roads stuff up he'd wasted 5 hours of Police time here and in Queensland, and that this poor guy had wasted his entire day off and they were going to register that bike now or he was going to charge the guy behind the counter for making a false report to the police (or something like that, can't remember exact wording)

    *I was stifling outright laughter by now*.

    I've never seen Vic Roads staff move so fast in my life :LOL:

    So yeah... Vic Roads stuff up is what I'm betting on :evil:
  10. Well it will be the ACT rego dept.. That is where the other bike is from. All my details here in VIC are correct..

    I have the rego of the other bike.. Be good if i could get in touch with the owner myself.. :?
  11. ^ LOL, thats horrible, but so funny!

    On a serious note, incompetence infuriates me....
  12. whaaaaat!

    thats crazy talk! crappo :?

    hmmm i was trying to book my licence test today.... was told by HART i needed to do a hazard perception test before i do the licence, as i dont have my car Ps or full licence, only car Ls.

    jump on the VicRoads website for a squizz, and lo and behold, it says i only need to do a Haz test if i dont have my car licence or learners permit :?

    called HART back n quiried this, they we adament i had to do it, so i called VicRoads to check, the bloke on the other end confirmed my licences n stuff as i said above, put me on hold for a bit, n then told me HART are wrong, refer them to the VicRoads web page i was viewing.

    call HART back, n mention this. their net was down, but the chick was 100% sure i had to do a Haz test. she put me onto 1 of the instructors, he bet me his house i had to do it lol.

    so i call VicRoads again :roll: and actually get the same bloke take my call, so i asked to speak to someone above him, he chucked me on hold again n then came back, and said the VicRoads website was WRONG, i do have to do the test.... :evil:

    supposedly they will "rectify the error" on the web page, which happened to say 'updated 7th June 2007', even though i was told by HART the Haz test was added to requirements back in '03 or '04 :roll:

    god theyre useless..
  13. Blue14: Oh that sucks! Best of luck with it..

    ZRX1200R: that's a damned funny story. A hassle, but a good one to tell over some beers. :)
  14. I run a car yard (3 now!) and the most often one we get is elated to transfer of owners details.

    As a LMCT, we are allowed 24 hrs to file the paperwork with VICROADS, or we are fined.
    VICROADS have 6 weeks to make the change.
    If there is a parking ticket, E tag, or anything else, we spend hours getting it sorted. Every time.

    It is not imcompetence, the system is set up to fail in the first place, by always having a backlog. One person I spoke to, said that the often get people in who have not received a renewal notice for their rego, after 2 years.
    Vicroads sent it to the wrong address, and simply cancel it if the person who didn't get the notice doesnt contact them.
    I can see the conversation.
    Customer " I would like to enquire about the letter I didn't get"
    VICROADS " certainly sir, just quote the reference number to me on the top of the letter"
    Customer " But I didn't get the letter"
    VICROADS " Sir, how can I help you if you don't know the reference number on the letter?"
    Customer " So what do I do now?"
    VICROADS " Just bring the letter in and we will fix it"
    Customer " But I didn't get the letter!"
    ViICROADS "Sir, without the paperwork, I cant help you"
  15. Me: Hi, I never recived my learners permit in the mail and just noticed that the original peice of paper I got is only valid for 2 months.
    Vicroads: Oh, it was probably lost in the mail...
    Me: ?? lost in the mail??
    Vicroads: Yes, happens all the time
    Me: ok...
    Vicroads: Just take a ticket and you'll get one for free
    Me: oh course i will..!
  16. ZRX1200R - That is the BEST "cop doing the right thing by a citizen" story I've ever read! Hats off to him! :grin:
  17. blue14 was it a C50 or M50 that had the duplicate or just a suzuki in general?, what was your purchase date?
  18. It only says Suzuki solo.. I have the rego no for the ACT bike.. I bought mine in Sept 06 .. Do you know something ??
  19. nah i know nothing :LOL:

    but know a few people that ride suzis, and my mates dad owns one of the suzuki shops here
  20. He finally admitted what everyone already knew... :p