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Check your rego!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by [swifty], Feb 9, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, just had this happen to me and i thought that someone else might benefit...
    Got my rego sticker sent out and it had a ticket price of $450 on it (most expensive sticker i've seen since my car rego... but anyway!). For those of you that don't know, i ride a GPX 250.... 250!! thats gotta be too high for a 250cc motorbike... so i ring up and... they applied the wrong TAC Premium... ends up i have $340 due :)

    Was a happy little chappy... worth a call
  2. Wait till you upgrade. I'm paying over $500 for rego, and so is my mate on his 900. :evil: Honestly I don't know why the hell we should be paying so much, it's only two wheels on the road. Guess it's the price you pay for being able to park on the footpath (in Vic at least).
  3. I'm paying over $500 for a sv650s :evil:
  4. Yeah? here in SA I'm paying $90 for 3 months on the Hornet (i.e approx $360 a year)
  5. And you're not even riding it yet :LOL:.
  6. It's more to do with the TAC premium that pays to fix you when you throw the bike into the scrub on a spurs run.
  7. yeah - better to pay for 12 months rego & just ride it next week than leave it unregistered for 12 months & have to take it through s vehicle check. I think one or two mods might not quite make it.....
  8. you know what.. my car costs me $540 a year.. how the feck can they justify we pay the same amount for a bike as we do with a car.. and where are they spending the levy riders are paying?? :asshats:
  9. Right on the ball there. TAC help has been invaluable in helping me with my medical bills (I guess about $60K so far, maybe more). Have a 'serious' off on the bike and you will be glad you pay whatever TAC fee you do each year. And since bike riders seem to be a lot higher percentage per head of having an injury/needing help it is rather obvious why motorbike costs are on par with cars. I guess it may take needing TAC to opens ones eyes but in the scheme of things, the fees we pay as riders is relatively low for the (financial) help we get from TAC at the end of things.
  10. Anything over 500cc in Victoria will push or exceed a $500 rego bill.
  11. Here's the question

    And here's the answer

    Remember in Victoria, unlike NSW, we have a single Government run No Blame Insurance scheme which is cheaper than the NSW multi company no payments for the at blame driver/rider scheme.
  12. $600+ for mine :evil:
  13. The recent increase in your rego (in Vic) can also be attributed to the influx of new riders.

    The TAC you must remember is an insurance company. And as such, an increase in new riders can potentially mean an increase in the amount of injured riders, therefore your TAC premium will increase.

    I fully agree whith undii, the TAC has supported my wife for over 12 years, with her medical and medication bills running into the hundreds of thousands. I enjoy riding my bike and don't mind paying the rego bill to do so