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Check Your Mirrors!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bamm-Bamm, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Just a friendly reminder to everybody to be aware of whats around you at all times...especially approaching intersections..it seems many drivers at this time of year are still in chrissy holiday/daydream mode and don't pay attention...

    I almost got mowed down this morning while braking to a stop at an intersection...checked my mirrors saw a little gray Honda Civic coming up fast...was already rolling on the throttle when I heard the tyres screaming as she locked it all up...had no choice but to have a quick look for cars and run the red to get out of the way...she ended up half way into the intersection before she stopped...I reckon if she had collected me it would have been at about 40'k's...ouch!!!!

    Please be aware out there people...paying attention saved my arse this morning...now i'm just hoping there wasn't a red light camera at the intersection :oops:

  2. I think if you got booked they'd forego it, especially if you sent them your soiled undergarments :shock:
  3. was the light already red before this happened coz the red light will only trigger when the light first goes red, plus if u did get done they will have a nice pic of the stupid cage going through after u, if u get a fine take it 2 court do not pay contest it
  4. Well done BamBam. As long as you didn't wheelie through the light, I'm sure you will be okay with the Policemen. It's a bit hard to miss seeing tht bike of yours, even if it is black. She must have been going to deliberately run the red light.

    Did you stop to have a chat after the event? Any apology?
  5. Good job bambam! Sounds like you did everything right!
  6. Geez, sure sounds like you were lucky!
    I wonder how many people look to their right (& left) at the intersection before rolling on the throttle ahead of the other cages? I saw a driver put the peddle to the metal today, as the lights turned amber & almost take out an eager rider charging the lights w his buddy travelling across the lane. :shock:
  7. I make it a habbit to always look right as I putter away from the lights. Problem is I have a tendency to gaze for too long and miss read the traffic in front - like cars on the left pulling out of a giveway left turn trying to beat the traffic about to take off.

    Good save Keith!! I reckon you should have wheelie through to keep the camera lenses from snapping you number plate :grin:
  8. Very good save! WELL DONE MAN!

    If you're first at the lights, good roadcraft suggests keeping it in gear and having an eye on a mirror until you know there is a car stopped behind you.
  9. A good timely reminder Keith, and something I do almost religiously ... I always figure that if the camera has my bike in frame then the car behind should be in it to, but either way, I'd rather fight a fine than have some four wheel ugly touching up my arse.
  10. CS2 was riding through town a few days back.
    Stopped @ round-about & didnt go through due to the lights further up the street being red & line of traffic ( stupid place for bloody lights )
    Anyway, he had a 4WD behind & ignorant bloody tourist thinking he so imporant, crept up & was nuding Trent to go through. Trent jumps off, goes over to car & asks "what the hell you think your doing?"
    Trent points out the law, tourist wanted to argue. But wait what have here. Well finally a copper who sees all these, comes over & books the driver. Bout time they defended the locals LOL
  11. ahuh

    ... :LOL:
  12. Apparently a ridiculously high percentage of bike accidents are from being hit up the rear by a car. I base this on nothing I know. But seriously, thats what I've heard.
  13. Glad you got out of that one, that says something about riding a powerful bikes also, a little 250 might not have been so lucky.

    I was following Vic yesterday from Jeff's Shed to Ackland Street and 3 times he nearly got cleaned up, they just don't look, too busy rushing to get home in the congested traffic.
  14. Good save Bam Bam.....cant have my best man out of action 2 weeks before my wedding.

    Dont suppose the silly Moo was on her mobile phone ?

    Didnt you stop and go have a word with her.....?

    Then she could have witnessed the true wrath of BAM BAM.

    how did you get that name mate ?

    good work all the same, paying attention like that at lights is worth it. I will certainly be on the lookout at lights for that kind of stuff from now on.
  15. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    But Bam Bam always goes with Pebbles :grin: Vic, Jas, I think we have a name change :LOL:
  16. If you do get a camera fine then it should be easy to contest as the law says something about only stopping if it is safe to do so... a car about to clean you up would pretty much get you off that!
  17. Yes...and just under 50% of bike accidents are single vehicle accidents..........
    There have ben bad drivers from day one, best get used to it.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. I didn't stop and voice my displeasure...which was probably just as well considering I can be a bit hotheaded


    Thankfully no damage was done and I live to fight another day... :grin: