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Check Your Kids Lunch Box

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2wheelsagain, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. Mrs 2wheels just went through the boy's (age 12) school bag for first day back tomorrow. Found sammies and fruit still in the lunchbox. Nice gooie mess after 2 weeks. Think the sammie was ham with something else unrecognisable now. :?

    After a suitable period of shouting calmness has decended but I'm tempted to send him off tomorrow with it all just packed up again. :twisted:

    So NR mums & dads check school bags and lunch boxes tonight. :idea:
  2. eeewwwwwww......

    i solved the problem - i bought my son a whole new school bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. :LOL: Yeah, been there and survived :shock:

    I quickly got into the habit of making them empty their school bags on last day of term. :wink:
  4. It might pay for you to check under their bed as well ;) And that shoebox in the wardrobe???? It's not as innocent as it looks. :wink:
  5. When did you pop round? I thought that was secret! :oops:
  6. Just give 'em a can of coke and snickers bar for the last day of the school... and every friday, just to be safe also.

    They're unlikely to sit there, and don't go off/bad even if they do!
  7. From the teachers of Australia I can speak for all of us when I say do NOT give your children caffeine and sugar at school. :shock:
  8. My apologies, Seany's right.

    A little bit of the old mary-jane in the butter on their morning toast, should keep 'em pretty docile for most of class with the munchies hitting spot-on 12noon - ensuring every scrap of food in their lunchbox [and the kid next to them's Twisties] is consumed.

    "Eat your greens..."
  9. no no, its mary-jane AFTER school, that way you get the peace.

    coca cola in the morning. snickers at lunch.
  10. :grin: Has potential.
  11. so i shouldn't have been selling esspressos to kids ???
  12. espressos are for the teachers.... :eek:
  13. Yes I know the feeling, found a old black swished banana in my sons school bag must have been a few weeks old :mad:
  14. When I was about 5, I found a dead magpie on the way home from school once, and put it in my bag.

    But I didn't leave it there.
    I removed it straight away when I got home to give to mum as a present...
  15. i did that with a dead fruit bat , i couldnt understand why she was yelling at me for giving her a present...
  16. OMG you sick freak!
  17. thanks :) hahahaha

    hey i was 4 and a half and in kindy i thought it was a nice present :p
  18. Mine had ants in it.

    "You bury that thing this instant!"
  19. As a kid i had a collection of over 100 Vitamin C tablets!. I hated them. It was like eating 1000 oranges at once! SO intence!
    Sometimes i was able to pocket while no one was looking and take it to my bed. Othertimes i would have to put it in my mouth and then go to my room and take it out.
    Yeah mum wasnt happy when she found the stash, some half sucked on. I think after that they stopped making me take them.
  20. Gave up making lunches week 2 of term 1
    Since they both work, have their own money, the little darlings were buying
    lunch. School canteen gone on that health kick so @ least I know not filling up on junk.