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check your insurance

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by peter-reebok, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Just got the renewal from insuremyride for the 109.

    renewal is 600.
    QBE quoted 380!.

    Now, I have changed my riding patterns - not everyday now, so that had to make some differnce, but shannons and insuremyride both quoted over 500 still.

    AND they dont care what mods I do as longs as I tell em about them.

  2. Maybe you should mention to insuremyride that you were made a better offer and see what they say?
    I went with E-bike insurance (hundreds cheaper and better offers in my case), but when it comes up for renewal I'll still be contacting insuremyride, QBE etc to see who's best.
  3. If you've got the time, do a call around and make them work for their money.

    Go with Ebike if you really like, but I think I'll stick to Australian-based companies with financial licences. :LOL:
  4. that little extra gives you one thing that QBE probably wont, the right to mod your bike as long as you just tell them :p

    QBE will probably let ya put in a headlight globe that isnt stock and that is all your aloud :p
  5. Errr...

    QBE do shiteloads of customs you could never imagine. Choppers with Radial aircraft engines, cafe racers with no fenders, some amazing streetfighters - you name it.

    In fact, no company I know of really frowns upon mods. If they do, you're really alienating the best type of rider to insure - Harley Owners.

  6. "eBike Insurance is arranged by E Group (Australia) Insurance Services Pty Ltd ABN 17 097 626 750, AFS license 304247"
  7. QBE said ok to the HID, drilled exhaust, air horn, heated grips, ventura rack, starcom system, TRE, wider rear tyre, and a PCIII and intakes.
  8. Nice i will check them out next time i come to renewing :)
  9. Hmmm just did the IMR v QBE comparison myself, QBE got the nod by over $200. Of course i'll ring and confirm with both but hey as a "first impression" that's not a good start for IMR. Best we check the fine print methinks.
  10. I'm with Swann $357 Full Comp (XVS650 Custom 2009), however I am named rider ONLY. Otherwise I pay 5% more. Get $3000 worth of gear cover total, for me n pillion aswell.
  11. I got my renewal notice from Swann yesterday and on replacement value the bike is cheaper than the 10yr old car to insure :eek:
  12. The paperwork from QBE arrived for monthly payments

    They farm it out to a credit company, thqat charge you $76 a year for the privilege.

    But QBE dont charge anything more, so they didnt lie,. but...

    It costs more to pay by the month, about $6 per month.