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Check your indicators riders..

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by SevenSins, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. #1 SevenSins, Jun 17, 2013
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    Location: Moderately busy road around local shopping area..

    Around lunch today I was in my car preparing to pull out of street to turn left, paused to observe bike coming up on my right…his indicator was on signaling left turn (to turn in front of me).

    So I started to pull out, however double checked as I wanted to be certain he was in fact turning into the street, on second glance I noticed he wasn’t doing any of the typical moves that would indicate a turn and last thing I wanted to do was pull out in front of a bike. I was well into the road at this stage, but had stopped but with plenty of time and space for his bike to pass in front of me…as he passed I was gesticulating wildly that he had left his indicator on… he continued on ahead, looked down and then flashed his finger at me… Think it was his index finger but couldn’t be sure… I was expecting a thumbs up or wave of thanks.. But fear it may have been him telling me to fcuk off… NOOB mistake.

    Although he wasn’t a noob as no plates on back of bike. Geez, if I was an average car driver I probably wouldn’t have paused to take a second look.. So if it was the bird you flipped at me I don’t appreciate it, YOU made the mistake; I am not a mind reader. Turn indicators off people.


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  2. I am almost OCD with my indicators after something similar happened to me - except I was the guy on the bike - doh.:facepalm:
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  3. i have called out from my car to a few riders over the last little while that their indicators were on.

    Most of the time they are like, wtf car driver, and dont seem very thankful, but it doesnt really matter as they end up getting the indicator off before someone could pull out in front of them.

    I think people on bikes just go automatically to attack mode when a cager tries to make contact with them, i know i do lol.
  4. Some people have auto cancel indicators. My cousin got one on his Harley. Doesn't work very well though, take forever to turn off when changing lane. Been trying to get him to cancel it manually.
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  5. I'm so ocd about indicators that when on track in videos you would see me cancelling an indicator coming out of a corner :D
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  6. I wish my bike had auto cancel indicators. 3 blinks and off, just like my car.
  7. I recently had a bloke in a ute hang his arm out the window and give me the signal of open and close hand like an indicator blinking ... and that was on the freeway and I had not cancelled my indicator. I gave him a wave as I went by.

  8. I've used the same sign many times before.

    And I obsessively check my indicator as well. Mainly cos I don't want to be one of those dickheads riding down the street oblivious to a flashing indicator while everyone rolls their eyes at me.
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  9. Sometimes leaving the indicator on is a strategic move when filtering ... jus sayin' :whistle:
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  10. what are these indicators you speak of ?
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  11. ^ flashy accessories that only work half the time? ;)
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  12. As I have said many times before, I can't believe with all the computerisation of motorcycles these days that the manufacturers can't invent reliable self-cancelling indicators ...

    (Not to say that we shouldn't keep alert as to their status ourselves..)
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  13. I see riders who have forgotten to turn the blinkers off, almost daily..... dangerous habit to fall into.

    Same goes for those 'mini indicators', which might look good, but can be very hard to see.
  14. I am also obsessive,finger the switch a lot.My left blinker takes 2 pushers to work,gota sort it.Anyone else notice how flipping hard it is to see some of those clear blinkers on modern cars.Why pass them on the ADRs if there invisible in bright light.
  15. Yep, turn em off or people may well hit you due to mistakenly believing you're going somewhere you're not.

    Basic stuff; get it right and stay safe.

    - boingk
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  16. I'm a bit obsessive about my indicators. Whenever my left hand's got nothing going on, I'll hit the cancel switch, just in case I've forgotten to turn them off (the light on the instrument panel's way below my line of sight, so it's just easier).

    That said, I remember back 20+ years to when I was first taught to drive, and my instructor telling me NEVER to trust another vehicle's indicator when pulling out of a side-street. Just because they're indicating doesn't necessarily mean they're going to turn before they reach you. It could mean they've forgotten to turn it off, or they're indicating early to pull into a driveway or street a bit further on.

    Actually, that instructor gave me a lot of good tips. Sure, the practical education part mostly consisted of me driving her to the local milk bar, buying a packet of Winnie blues and parking somewhere to smoke them but she was a pretty cool chick with some handy info that's stuck with me for years :)

  17. Yamaha did it nearly 40 years ago then dropped it. BMW managed it 30 years ago then dropped it. Presumably no-one really cares enough to make a worthwhile market for a system that is not, AFAIK, mandatory anywhere.

    Personally I'm in the habit of pushing the cancel button every time I scan my mirrors, just in case.
  18. My exact sentiments.
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