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Check your gloves!!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smee, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Morning ride was a little chilly this morning so pulled out the autumn gloves (not quite winter but warmer) So after an uneventful ride in I get to work and then unsaddle, Pull off the gloves and noticed a rather fat white tailed spider sluggishly crawling on the top of my hand.
    Much girly dancing and whimpering ensued before I blew it off my hand and subsequently stomped on it.
    How I never got bitten is a mystery but the mirth of my colleagues and the few students who were around was priceless.
    (for them)

  2. yah woozzzeeee lol

    so being a girlie you should have vacum'd the gloves before wearing them??
    Imagine the warm and cosy winter gloves, they'd have a family going in them, probably havving a bbq or roasting a freshly caught ant or two lol
  3. Haven't white tail spiders been known to result in limb loss? Thought I heard a story of someone getting bitten then losing an arm a few years later*

    *Might be entirely false, dunno.
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  4. their venom eats flesh on some people.
  5. Eeewww!! I may have mentioned it before but I've had a huntsman crawl across the inside of my visor while riding so I hear you when you mention 'girly'!!
  6. now THATS scary shit!!
  7. knew a bloke got bitten by one then copped golden staph on top of it they amputated his leg above the knee too late he died a few months later
  8. This is why you don't kill huntsman spiders. They eat white tails and look awesome.
  9. One theory - the one I believe - is that whitetails themselves are not overly venomous however their diet consists of other spiders and they absorb some of the venom from what they eat. this explains why the effects from whitetails bites are so unpredictable - it depends on what the spider ate and how long ago.

    They are also very aggressive
  10. I still have the itchies from all the tiny baby spiders that were flying on the wind in Korumburra on Sunday. Give 'em 5 minutes and they started making webs. Came back to the bike and there's webs on it, and on my gloves too.

    Suriag, next time I have a huntsman in the house, you can come and catch it.
  11. Ahhh the Spider Dance, done that a few times myself
    They actually have quite an undeserved reputation and there's apparently no evidence to suggest that they are linked with necrotic tissue according to the CSIRO.
    I've been bitten by one and all I got was a small itchy spot.
  12. Some people react to spider bites while others don't. It's just how you are. Some folk die from bee or bullant stings. I know a bloke from Sale who lost an arm after being spiked by a small flathead.
  13. I got a bee under my visor the other day, he hit me in the chest as I was zooming down the Calder and must have crawled up into my helmet. That horrible realisation that that he was on the inside of my visor was a significant moment of dread.
    There's also that moment of anxiety when trying to get the little monster out of your visor at speed - if you get stung, you can't react.
  14. ^^ oooooh, thats a big fail!!
  15. I did get stung in the face just above the eyelid by a bee (sunnies saved my eye) and believe me you react!! pulled over as soon as heavenly possible and removed stinger and dead bee. Lots of cursing and washing with the drink bottle then icing it at home.
  16. Ow, bee stings hurt - not to mention the itching a couple of days later. I managed to pull over whilst he was still exploring, luckily no sting.
  17. Some of the toughest skin on your body is on your hands, white tails are pretty small.

    What I hate is the phantom spiders that live in my helmet and decide to crawl around my ears on occasion.
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  18. :-s The worst part for 'smee' is..........the whitetail is usually quite active,

    if it was lethargic it possibly means its from exertion of giving birth 8-[ ......

    so now someone has a readymade family numbering in the 100's living in his gloves.........wondering where mum is....??

  19. White tail spider bites don't cause necrotic lesions. It's a widely published fallacy started in the 80's. There has since been actual scientific research done and it has now been widely accepted that people that get these flesh eating sores have actually been bitten by something else. From memory it was a recluse spider, but I can't find it in the journal, I think it was in another study we were given as part of the information.

    Most of the cases that exist that have necrosis lack one thing. Positive identification of the spider. So usually it gets blamed on the white tail, without anyone having actually seen it.

    Here's the journal entry anyway.