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Check your brakes!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by thermal, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. I took the bike in for its 30k service a couple of weeks ago and my mechanic told me I needed new rear brake pads immediately. Being the noob I am I asked him to show me because I had no idea what I was looking at. Which brings me to my point. If you haven't checked your brakes and/or don't know how - get someone to show you (or google it).

    Anyway, as he didn't have the brakes in stock I had to order them and decided I would give it a go at installing them. It mostly went well - the hardest part was getting the piston to push back far enough so both pads would actually fit. Now I may still be learning about maintenance, but I'm pretty sure this part of the pad is not supposed to be getting it on with the disc...

    And yes, this photo is from a few days after I changed them - it took that long to get the dirt and grease off my hands.

  2. You couldn't tell/feel/hear that something was weird was going on when you were braking???
    Your rotors should have a nice gauge in them also from the pads (or lack of) rubbing.

    Check your manual for routine maintenance that should be carried out by you and the dealer.

  3. Be sure to pump the brakes when you put the calipers back on so that the pistons get pushed back into position.
  4. That would have made a slight rumble under brakes but nothing too serious. The bit that's rubbed is the lip on the outside - there's still (a very little bit of) meat on the pad itself. Yes they needed to be changed - last week, not next month. No, they wouldn't have simply stopped working the day after tomorrow.
  5. Yikes. Poignant thread though, as it takes all of 10seconds to check your brakes. So good for all us newbs to learn!
  6. That's a new brake pad?
  7. What are your rotors like?
    I would have, at least, had them machined with the shape of the wear on that pad.
    The gouge almost looks as if something has got caught between the pad and rotor but hard to tell without seeing the rotor and pad alignment.
  8. Many decades ago I used to be in the brake game. What I see above is nothing compared to what I have seen. Please all do not take short cuts with your brakes or anything else that may cause you to come to a sudden stop or not stop at all. Its not rocket science but full of traps for the inexperienced. If you havn't been taught how to do it, dont try.

    And yes I do not trust the cheap Ebay rotors or pads nor should you.
  9. It's from the rear and I couldn't really feel much - the bit that has been sheared is no more than 1mm deep, so I got it just in time. Rotor seems ok.

    Nope, that's the old one.
  10. I was gonna say, I don't know a lot about motorbike brake pads but that was looking a bit sad.