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Check this out ! = what not to do to a bike !!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by B-line, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. Should be the "hall of idiotic Pommie riders" not the "hall of shame".......

    Cannot believe how some of these clowns couldnt/didnt notice!!!!!
  2. posted a few times before, but it is a bit hard to check for that, searching for 'tyre' probably brings up a few too many posts to bother checking through :)
  3. lol I have a fiew examples like that in my garage...

    does any one want to see what happends if you over tighten your brand new chain?? I should take a fiew pics...
  4. Unbelievable, but if you read BIKE magazine, there IS a culture of treating bikes like dirt among some riders in the UK.
    I wonder what the road toll is there??
  5. a hell of a lot less per capita than here, cause over there you have to actually pass tests and such like to get a licence, not just find it in the bottom of a wheaties box :p