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Check this out, rear view vision on helmet!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Myestro, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Goer

  2. Gimmick

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  1. Just saw this on 'Beyond Tomorrow' It's a helmet with rear view vision. http://www.reevu.com/

    It looks pretty good, I understand rear view on bikes is usually pretty crap, this may be the answer, no idea how much it costs or the like, will be going through this site with great interest.

    What do you guys think? is it a goer? or a gimmick?
  2. I could have used it when the dozy git who ran into the back of the bike ran into the back of the bike!

    I saw the report too, looks like the simplest of quite a few different approaches to the situation.....
  3. It would be interesting to see how practical it is though, one thing tor the thing to be mounted on the back of the bike with a camera, and another to actually have it on and ride with it. WOuld it work well on racing type bikes where your helmet is likely to be facing the ground and the mirror the sky?
  4. mirrors are useless in the same scenarios, and on most bikes worse that useless when sitting upright!
    I agree though that it would take some getting used to...
  5. I love the idea.
    Not sure how much practice it would take to get used to, but it would man no need for mirrors almost.
    The next would be to have three cameras so you see out the side as well (or maybe two cameras at 30/45 degrees from the rear) then theoreticly no need for head checking.
  6. $500 was the price they quoted on the Tv program tonight.
  7. ah beyond tomorrow watchers eh....

    does that mean you could pull mirrors of to do extreme lane splitting lol just kidding i guess you still need right/left mirrors
  8. Gees we live in a lazy society! :eek:
    The lack of rear vision is part of the whole motorcycling experience! :cool:
    If you want to see behind you, travel in the cage..... :roll:
  9. It looks real good to me, but I wonder what the mirrors do to the weight of the helmet? If it's comfortable, I can see myself wearing one of those in a few years.
  10. Would be a pain in the ass when all the mirrors fog up...... :roll:
  11. that's awful, wazza :LOL: :p
  12. I was thinking the same thing, and when they build up with that foggy look glass and mirrors get over time, how do you clean them?
  13. I saw that special too... however... I didn't like the look of the lack of foaming up there, seems to be all space and mirrors with no foam when they were talking about it... and one knock (even a 10cm drop) looks like it could crack the mirrors...
  14. I'm interested in checking it out, anything that can help make me a bit more aware of what's happening.

    It would help when perving on attractive drivers behind you at the lights as well.
  15. I doubt the mirrors are made of glass, they shouldn't crack so easy. And if you fall, well the helmet is uselless anyway
  16. um i do think this would be the downfall of these helmets.... :p :LOL: :LOL:
    us guys would be looking at the hot chick in our helmets and not notice that the traffic has stopped
  17. Night time might be bad with bright headlight behind you, aspecially when you get those bastards who have their highbeams on when they shouldn't.
  18. 'beyond tomorrow' is very appropriate since it's been talked about for years but its release is....'sometime soon'.