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check out this quirky MP3 player placement on a bike...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kursed, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. On an R6 I saw on ebay.

    Might be a bit distracting! anyone else tried something like this?
  2. Pretty cool, but you wouldn't want to go for a slide/leave it somewhere public.
  3. All I see in that part of my mirrors is my shoulders anyway, so it's a novel place to mount an MP3 player.

    I secure mine to the top of the triple-clamp with a velcro spot. Means I can take it with me when i go.
  4. um I stick mine in my pocket. I would hate to have it out in the open like that
  5. Thats probably the best place to mount one for easy on-off action. I just keep mine in my jacket.
  6. Yeh, I assume the headphones are then attached to it / the bike? That would not be so good if you and the bike parted company in a spill - probably wouldn't do much physical damage to your ears but still I wouldn't like to test it out!
  7. Yeah, the thought of having the jack pulled out by force, and that travelling up the cable to wrench on your ears is making me wince... Could have one of those insta-release extensions.

    Natty idea, mind.
  8. That's what Bluetooth is for. ;)
  9. Bluetooth would be the way to go ...
    but wouldn't it be a bit pointless ... I mean how many of you actually listen to MP3's whilst riding?
  10. Alot actually. Polls here have shown 50%+

    I do.
  11. I can't ride without my MP3 player, helps me concentrate better. Only have it in one ear though so I can hear all other noises around me.
    Keep mine in my inner pocket too.

    Love the idea though of the MP3 player in the mirror, but then again, maybe the bluetooth...aarrgghhh decisions decisions :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum:
  12. bluetooth would kill the battery, each time you get home/work, you would have to charge it.

    you would need a real small one too.
  13. I put my mp3 in my pocket. I put it on ramdon and off I go. I don't have the necesity to change songs because if they are in the player is because I put them there so I should like them.

  14. Is it just me or does anyone else think its stupid to be posting a photo of your bike with the numberplate not hidden on ebay?

    Cool idea but i would rather just have buttons closer at hand dont need to see the screen.

    *Edit* I missread the OPs post its the bike that is being sold not the mirror + mp3 :)
  15. And how is that significantly different from displaying it to all and sundry on the road?
  16. plus on ebay you have to disclose the rego anyway so potential buyers can do a revs check (theft, money owing check etc).
  17. Maybe its just my general biast and dislike of ebay talking :?
  18. Bollocks to that.
    Running the bluetooth uses less power than running the amp for headphones.
    My phone/PDA has bluetooth but i didn't origionaly have a bluetooth headset for the helmet and was using headphones. When I swapped over to bluetooth I gained around 20% increased playtime.
  19. Ahhh...my bike screaming between 15-19000rpm is the only music I need. :wink:
  20. Yeah I saw this a few days ago browsing eBay for bikes and thought "WTF is with all the buttons, how are you supposed to use it (the mirror) if there is a hole in the centre of the mirror for the screen, and what the hell was he thinking?".
    I like the music of my bike's engine thanks.