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Check out the Km's on this 250!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by N1GH7-R1D3R, May 11, 2006.

  1. LoL, it's an unregistered, off the road, POS, that he's hoping to get $1000 for.

    What was your point again? :LOL:
  2. It has low kms
  3. He will get $1000 for it easy.

    And the odometer only goes to 199,999 then clicks back to 0, he should ride it another 20,000 :LOL:

    And I dont think anyone only thinks they last for 80,000km. The little ZZR parallel twin tractor engine will keep going for ever.
  4. go the kwakka lol
  5. I hope no one believes those 15+yr old 250s you see at the dealers only have 16,000km on them.
  6. Yeah, when you think about it there must be hundreds of clocked 250's out there, but you sure never see any advertised, dealer or private
  7. It would be a bugger if your 250 had just clocked back to zero, then u wanted to sell it........ 15yrs old 650 genuine kms :p

    you would have to leave it idleing on a stand in the shed for a day or 2 to get more "realistic" genuine km's :roll:
  8. Well you wouldn't be able to leave it idling would you. Cause the wheel wont turn thus not putting extra k's on the clock. You would have to put it on a stand and stick the throttle lol That would be a pain in the a$$ if it slipped and ran itself into the wall though. :p
  9. Would be dam funny if it happend though
  10. I want it caue its a "250 litre"!!! gotta get me one of those babies. mind you, with petrol prices the way they are........
  11. Ahem...if it has a mechanical speedo drive you can disconnect it at the clock end, put the square bit at the end into an electric drill and hey presto! lots of k's. Of course no dealer would ever put the drill in reverse would they?
  12. I'm not familiar with the ZZR250's display, but it seems strange that it'd click over to 0 after 199,000 rather than 99,000. Most 250s have a 5 digit (plus tenths of kms) rather than the sixth spindle.

    I'm guessing he's just done the right thing and mentioned the true distance. He could have quite easily lied and said it'd done 84,000.

    However, if you know the ZZR better then I'd like to know how it works.
  13. What like Spada's etc imported by a certain dealership in Melbourne? :cool:
  14. While agreeing that many will be 'clocked', it is not impossible for a japanese import to have very low mileage. In Japan many bikes and cars are used only on the weekend in the summer. In Tokyo for example, the traffic is so bad that you are not allowed to bring a vehicle into the city during working hours without a permit proving you have a parking space, and parking spaces cost as much to rent as a small office.