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Check out the graphics!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lowercase, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. (puts voice into high register)

    eeeeeeek eeeeeeeeeek
  2. isn't free choice a wonderful thing, good luck to the owner
  3. I'm sure some marine engineer working on some oil rig somewhere will send their shipping agent to check it out.
  4. you know what - i think you're right. they'll also offer to pay the gentleman $2000 above the asking price, but ask for a $1000 upfront payment first so that they can transfer the money across. 8-[
  5. That's the awesome paint job.
  6. I think we need a netrider enforcer.
  7. That... That's almost worth buying.

    The sheer misguidedness of it. I love it.
  8. The best part is, from not one of the angles, does it actually look like what it was supposed to look like.
  9. looks shit
  10. Oh god i threw up a little :-s

  11. ahahaha I was quite hypnotised, and I think there was a little bit of vomit in the mouth
  12. I'm with Loz, if ya gunna be a ******** be a big one!
  13. Wow. For a second there I thought it actually was a real duck. Then I realised it's just a motorcycle that looks like a duck. Silly me.
  14. Haha, I actually kinda like it (God help my soul), maybe add some LED lights for eyeballs and she'd be perfect! :p
  15. I'm checking out the graphics and I'm thinking along the same lines as Goz......LOOKS SHIT!!
  16. Red HIDs maybe .. :evil:
  17. Dunno why some of you are canning it. I happen to like budgies.
  18. I swear that it's based on a photograph of a pigeon that had been run over that I trod on in Denmark... :-s
  19. He's being ironic: When he's not riding it, he doesn't have to look at it, & when he's riding it, he can't see the graphics anyway! Sucks to be us.