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Check ALL the details on your tickets, folks

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by hornet, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. from London Daily Mail, but only interesting because Australia's in it....

    "For at least the third time in eight years, geography-challenged vacationers bought airline tickets for an Australian holiday but failed to notice (until they landed in "Sydney") that their tickets took them to Sydney, Nova Scotia.

    Dutch man Joannes Rutten and his grandson appeared shocked when they de-planed in Canada, even though they had boarded an earlier connecting flight in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

    In December 2008, an Argentine woman made a similar mistake, and in August 2002, a young British couple, after realizing their error, decided to spend their holiday in Nova Scotia, after all. [Daily Mail (London), 8-10-09]"
  2. Ok , so if you bought a ticket for this town , where would you expect to be??
    Or what tourist adventures do they have there....

    And , yes, it is an actual town....

  3. weird, most of the roads in the area have the same name, or is this a take off, as I cant read German I cant decide!!
  4. Everyone knows there's no Fcuking Airport. :p

    (stoopid censorship ruining my joke hrmph)