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cheapest rr ever

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mendy, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. I don't know why its not advertised for the inflated price of all the others. (6-8 grand)
    People on here always ask about them. So if you can fix up the faring, than here is piss cheap rrrr


  2. Got 36,000km on the clock and it's currently unregistered. Also, the fairings are damaged apparently. :)
  3. No shots at all of the left side? hmmm.
  4. also, do "rr" (allegedly aussie sold) have import in their vins?
  5. The grey-imported ones will. The officially imported ones won't.
  6. I thought grey imports were cbr250r's, and only the aus delivered were called cbr250rr's.
  7. cbr250r were never officially imported into Aust.

    there are some cbr250RR that are grey, and some are offical imports.
  8. CBR250's are getting cheaper up here.

    Also, there's a huge number of them - if you spend any time on bikesales looking at 250's you'll notice the glut of CBR250Rs and RRs outweigh anything else, and a lot of them aren't selling. In SE QLD anyway.
  9. +1
  10. I did look at that one, and if it was in Brisbane I'd be giving it a closer look for my daughter. If you could get it checked out well and truly to make sure that the only problems are the listed ones, and if you had some time (my daughter is about 6 months out from her Ls) and were willing to take the time, do the work yourself, source bits cheaply and so on, it might well make a decent project.
  11. Yup. The 1994+ CBR250RR (R) & (RII) were the ones officially imported by honda, allegedly due to oversupply in japan. The 1990-1993 CBR250RR's were only available as grey imports. They are almost identical to the newer ones, except they have an unrestricted engine.

    have a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CBR250 for more info.
  12. That's what happens when they aren't the single most desirable sports model for a somewhat captive L's market - thanks to LAMS and the new Ninja 250, even Hyos which can just about be had new for what old RRs used to cost.
  13. front and rear wheel are different colours. that triggers warning lights in my books. theyre good bikes though. great fun
  14. Please do not be fooled by compliance date. a 1988 cbr250r compliant in 2099 is still a bike made in 1988.

    There is nothing wrong with a 1988 bike as long as you pay the appropriate price for it.
  15. Last new imported CBR250RR's were in 1998. Anyone who tells you that it was built after 98 is a liar.