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Cheapest Road Racing Ever!!!!

Discussion in 'NSW' started by michaelc54, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. good for anyone under 65kg and under 170cm

    at 110kg and 187cm I think I would be more competitive if I picked up the bike and ran around the track with it
  2. Those bikes look very similar (if not the same as) to the bikes that the Juniors run in the MRRDA series.
  3. Out of curiosity, you'd just about fall asleep at EC wouldn't you? It's be full noise except for T2 and T9?
  4. Anything that gives people a taste is a winner.

    If I were dead broke and bikeless tomorrow, and wanted to get in as much riding and racing as possible, I'd be straight onto an older dirt bike. Maybe vintage mx / vintage DT / period road racing.
  5. That's not such a bad idea.

    Even the postclassic stuff is getting costly.
  6. These sort of bikes wouldn't really work on tracks like EC where theres high speed corners would they? It'd just come down to how mcuh the rider weighed...

    Wonder where they'll race.
  7. The MRRDA boys and gals used to race on some go-kart tracks as well as "real" circuits.
  8. If I didn't eat for a week or two I could drop the 10kg to get down to 65...

    Vaguely tempting even if I would be twice the age of the kids!
  9. The Eastern Creek lap times are about 2.15 with an 80kg rider on board

    A good RS125 time is sub 1.55

    Here is a donor machine

    Perhaps NetRider could run one.......................................?
  10. They're four strokes only
  11. Yep. An RS125 properly kitted out is one thing, but running sub 1.55 on a CBR125?

    You'd have to get yourself a very light jockey for that.
  12. oh my.......i can get my weight down to 56kilos haha, im interested....seriously
  13. Just had a good look, yes it seems cheap and convenient and all that but it looks like there are just 6 races per year? hardly seems worth it...what do you guys think?

    Sure you can get a bike for 1000-2000, sticky tyres they say are $250, then maybe $1000 on modifications and so on. Minimum $2000 for the bike, $200 say for licenses and memberships and then $200 minimum for each race.

    You'd be looking at about $3500-$7000 in the first year with opportunity to do about six events hmmm
  14. What series did you have in mind that has more than 6 meetings per year?
  15. You can earn a good wage, have no other hobbies, live humbly, go racing for 2 years, and have nothing to show for it but a few plastic trophies.

    6 events for that money, INCLUDING bike purchase, is crazy cheap. Crazy crazy cheap. Welcome to the reality of it.
  16. Weekend before last at EC it cost me:

    $550 - Entry fees and garaging
    $170 - Cross entry (because I enjoy the extra track time)
    $450 - almost a set of tyres
    $200 - Approx for pro-rata on servicing
    $100 - Fuel for bike and ute, tolls, misc

    $1470 - Total in direct costs!

    For out of Sydney races you can add anywhere from $400 to $1000 for travel and accommodation not to mention time off work.

    Take into account depreciation on the bike and gear (leathers, helmet, gloves etc)..........then yes, buckets is cheap, cheap, cheap!!!
  17. Yeah it costs, but you love it Dean and its still cheaper than my child support.
  18. Lol, you're right Karl, but I wish I was better at it than I am!