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Cheapest possible 250 for freeways?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by LineNoise, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. I've got a mate who's in a bit of a situation with a job he has to do for Uni for the next 40 weeks. Basically he's got a job that's paying him $300 a week and costing him $190 a week in fuel (200km round trip every day in a thirsty car) just to get to and from. At the moment he basically can't save anything (most weeks he's going backwards) and he's been thinking about a bike to save on fuel.

    Basically what he wants to know is what would be the cheapest possible motorcycle he could buy that is learner legal (probably a 250), will happily cruise at 100 km/h (no CT110s :p ) without being unsafe or destroying the motor, will be reasonably reliable and won't cost him a fortune in parts.

    Any suggestions as to what models he should be looking at and what he should set as a safe minimum spend?
  2. Get a scooter! cheaper petrol for scooter than a bike! It's ture! Have a look on Ebay or tradingpost, bikesales, bikepoints,....

    This time of the year, lot of 2nd hand scooters on the market, from 50cc to 650cc, even with very Low kms.

    150cc it's enough for freeway, if 250cc could be prefect for 2 people on it and go fast too.

    Or he can put a post at Uni, tyr to find out someone live near him or on the way, then they travel together and share the cost! I saw that kind of post a lot at Uni!

  3. Also for the cheapest bike and good condition, you can look for virago, so far i found that they are the cheapest even with low kms, and some are good condition and shinny.
  4. Yeah, Virago was what I was thinking. As for the Uni thing. The job isn't at uni. As part of our course we do a year (well 40 - 52 weeks) of work in an actual job.

    Furthermore he lives in St Leonards (down on the Bellarine), the uni is Swinburne in Hawthorne and the job is in Sunshine so the chances of finding someone are pretty slim. In theory he should probably sell the car but he loves it to death and he'll never find one in the same condition (it's an old MkII Supra in stunning condition).

    Hadn't thought of a scooter. I'll have to have a look around.
  5. yeah! if he just want it for commute, scooter will be cheaper than a bike and storage without spend more money to put a rack and bag.

    Good luck!


    that's the link you can get some idea for different brands and models.

    Actually TGB & BUG are the cheapest brand, they are from Taiwan as I known, then Bowell PGO (Taiwan) as well.

    If you got it cheap enough, who's care about the resell vaule, could be his new toy too! :p
  6. Honda Night Hawk (CB 250) Will go forever, tank range 300k, requires minimal maintenance, price from $1500 depending on age & condition! Gear will probably cost more than the bike! Oh & just to get his learners will cost around $200.
  7. I agree an old mid 80's CB250 is just about the best and cheepest comuter you can get... though if he was not traveling on the freeways I would shugest a ct110 (I rode mine for 3 years to and from work $4 worth of petrol a week!!!)
  8. Ah, good old St Leonards. I lived in Indented Head ('burb next to it) since I was 13 until I was around 20. Might know the guy/his family
  9. but i mean wouldnt it be betta to get a bigger engine and having that rev lower which equates to lower petrol usage??

    a scooter, are they as safe as a bike on motorwayz? and capable of holding 100-110??

    wellz was reading in the paper, petrol prices are expected to triple in 12 months!!!!!!

  10. Yes depends on the style of the scooter, Aprilia has a 150cc scooter (size like a honda Forza 250cc) weight 136kg, some scooter with 16" wheel rather than normal 12", better handling.
    A 200cc scooter could do around 120-140kph with no problem.
  11. Got a look at a CB250 tonight at a friends place out Dandenong way. With me on it I managed about 90 km/h with it wide open and me haunched over doing my best Evel Knievel impression. :(

    His one isn't in the greatest condition and I'm not exactly aerodynamic :p but if that's the norm it's probably not ideal.

    Going to go look at scooters on the weekend if we've got time.

    At least the ride on the VT250C was fun...me thinks I'm buying one
  12. I'm riding a CB250 at the moment, It does 120kph and can run on full throtle all day. but it's a 2000 model and in excellent condition.
  13. Hmm. My mates is a fair bit older then that. Did they get an upgrade or do you think it's just a condition thing?
  14. I think it would be the bikes codition, it's the lo-tech design which makes them bullet proof, cheap to run, and cheap and easy to maintane
  15. I've got a '96 CB250, mech good condition. Can get 100kmph out of it at 6500rpm all day.
    Currently get 350kmph tank (without reserve) on premium unleaded. Costs approx $12/week to fuel. Commute everyday (rain, hail or shine) approx 60kmph to work. Unlike your mate that would be freeway riding, so fuel economy would increase slightly as not slow/heavy traffic riding.
    I did some calculations on last tank of fuel. I'm currently getting about 32km/litre which is a cost of about $3.40/100kmph at current price of PULP.
    P.S Know the Swinburne course well. I lived in Rowville and went to Hawthorn. When I did my work experience year, I worked as CSIRO in Clayton so to travel by car was easy.
  16. I ride a CB250 also, I'm 6'1" about 90kg's, I can cruise the freeways comfortably at 100 - 110km/h most days, but a heavy head wind will drag it back a bit. It's a '93 model and will be for sale soon as well. Going cheap!!
  17. Keep plugging Spectre someone will bite eventually.
  18. Haha, maybe!! :LOL: Probably just trade it in. Goin' shopping this weekend, new bike's so close I can almost taste it!! :shock:
  19. I've got a Honda VTR250 which gets about 230-240kms to a tank of fuel. Costs about $9 to fill!
  20. bang for buck, i reckon the GPX is the winner. you can pick up a decent one for $2000-$2500 with an RWC. they have no trouble at 100 and can hit 150 without too much effort (controlled road of course :D ) you'll get 350+ out of a tank without switching to reserve, they're a real comfy bike if you dont mind the foot position, they're easy to ride with user friendly power and light steering.

    i mean they're not the best 250 out there but a good rider can keep up with any of the other 4 strokers no problems. for the price you can get them for, i'd say they're the best learner/cheap commuter bike out there. i'd probly say the same for the ZZR, but they cost a bit more, pretty much the same bike with better wind protection and looks.....