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Cheapest place to get battery in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by grue, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Looks like the battery in my F4i is about ready to shit itself. I wouldn't quite call it "reluctant" to start yet, but it's obviously in a phase of pre-reluctance :angel:

  2. Supercheap auto, masters hardware or Costco. Costco has a tiny range though.
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  3. Husky battery`s and oil

    A battery warehouse near here did not have or wold not order me in a Battery for my beemer .BMW wanted $265 , husky sorted it out for 80$
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  4. K-Mart have them too now :)
  5. they are cheap for a reason......

    spend the money and get a yuasa (or simmilar high quality i.e. motobatt), its standard equipment on the majority of bikes, and the warranty backs this up (12 months from memory, double most, quadrouple your cheap chinese stuff... if they have a warranty)

    you get what you pay for with battery's and a good battery will save you in the long run. as it should last 5-7 years with a trickle charger. not the 2-3 of a cheap battery.

    you wouldnt cheap out on brakes would you????
  6. Yep battery's ain't battery's, get a quality one & you wont look back or be looking for a replacement any time soon.
  7. Your mate's CBR when he's taking a slash. Just swap em over and offer him sympathy when his bike won't start.