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cheapest place to buy helmets in Sydney?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by NSRfreak, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. where is everyone buying their helmets from in Sydney? Arai in particular.

  2. I think ACTIONS stock Arai, but the cheapest place to buy other brands is The Helmet Warehouse, Hume Highway Yagoona.
  3. Ive been looking at helmets a lot lately cause I'm looking to replace mine. Ive been told that MCAS is the main importer for Arai and that the helmet warehouse is the main importer for Shoei and they seem to be the cheapest respectively, then I've found Sydney city is cheap for Shark and AVG. Have a look around Ive found different shops are cheaper for different brands?
  4. im dissapointed in mcas, their range is quite poor, as the biggest supplier in bike gear in Syd they really havnt got that much on offer, agreed on helmet warehouse for a helmet, massive range
  5. at one point I had been looking at getting an Arai Vector.

    I ended up with a Shark RSI which I'm pleased with for the most part. Sydney City Motorcycles had the best prices on RSI's that I could find anywhere.

    They're a bit thin on Arai's, but I offer them up as a suggestion anyway. :wink:
  6. +1 Their range wasnt bad but the sizes were. Ended up with an RJays one, lucky for me I quite like it. Out of the 20 I tried it was the only one they had that fit me properly.