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cheapest place for reflective rim stickers

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by licensed, May 1, 2009.

  1. hello,

    i am going to buy some red reflective rim strickers for my black ninja 250r. i think it will improve the appearance of the bike and slightly improve my visibility in the day, hopefully significantly more at night.

    they are $50 at rimstickers dotcomdotau (with a 25% discount i believe which ive found the code for on the net), which brings the total to $37.50 plus postage i'd assume.

    this seems like alot of money for something pretty simply put, cut to size reflective tape. ive googled but im struggling to find them cheaper elsewhere. my ebay search came up with a bunch of sticker from the UK but i don't think they are "reflective".

    any input would be appreciated. thanks :)

  2. eBay search for RatedR parts - he's in Perth and has heaps of stuff.

    That price might be about as good as you'll find though - that's just how much they cost!
  3. i paid last week $8.24 posted from wheelspro in ebay
    waiting for it
  4. damnit i just paid for the $17pp ones ($23total).. a few hours before seeing your post :(

    i think i might buy them anyway as a spare set (or for my next bike) ;)
  5. but mine are made in hong kong!
    so i will have to see the quality, but stickers are stickers as they are cut out with computers.