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Cheapest mobile phone plan?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Hi, I've just been speaking to my parents and one topic was raised about their mobile phone plan. They use prepaid as at the time when they started using prepaid, the minimum cost $30 and not sure of an expiry time. Now it seems that at least with their provider (Telstra) it lasts for "only" 2 months. They pretty much only have their phone on while they aren't at home and make less than 1 call a week on average with it or something really low anyway. I'm just seeing if anyone knows a provider that will let them carry their number to that provider and is "the cheapest" overall. Basically they just want the cheapest cost to them :wink:

    As said, the main points are that they make like a call every 1-2 weeks I think *if that* and just want their number ported to the new carrier. Any help with this is appreciated. They don't really want to get into the "bundle deals" of joining different things (pay tv, landline etc), just want the cheapest mobile phone plan.

  2. my parents are still on a vodafone no plans sim had it for years, call rates not the cheapest but they rarely use it anyway

    no monthly fee and only pay for calls on a post paid account

    i think voda has a prepaid with a 12 month expiry

  3. Ah, looks good. Found a "365 days credit for $20" plan. I'm going to look into these more in deep tomorrow when I'm more clear headed! Ta :)

    I'm a bit skeptic of vodafone personally just due to them fcuking me over. When I joined them years ago, I was on a $79/month $500 cap or whatever. With my social life, I was using almost the full $500 a month so it was good. I was told I could step down to smaller plans if I wanted less. Well about a year or 2 later, I have my off and phone calls drop dramatically. Mainly because I'm not going out, no need to call people to find out where they are 20 times a night ;)

    I go into a Vodafone store to "step down" in plans and told that I'm on the lowest post paid plan and the cheapest prepaid was $49. *full stop* So I left, angry and moved to another Telco that very night. Post research shows that the idiot of a salesperson was only talking about cap plans to me but well, that person was the mouth of Vodafone and they fcuk me over, I move away. Shit happens :)

    I'll do actual research on this for my parents so they do get something cheap as. Thanks for the heads up about Vodafone, I wouldn't have even given them a thought. *bad taste in mouth* and all that reasoning.

    :) Also a friend has told me about SimTel. So I'll look into both tomorrow and do comparisons and "crunch number" heh.
  4. www.revtel.com.au

    I been using them for a year or two .. and they say their prepaid credits expire after 3 months, however, if you renew the prepaid plan with as little as $10 just one day before the 3mths expires, your previous unused credits carry over to the new period.
  5. best tip would be go and see google groups

    click groups
    aus.comms.mobile is the group

    beware they can be a nasty bunch ;)
  6. See if t can be ported to a $10 month plan. I binned my Tel$ra pre paid for the above reasons. I also have a work phone and was only making 3-5 calls per month on my pre paid and was still forking out $30.

    Mrs 2wheelsagain chucked hers on a $10 month plan as where she was working (rural) had no coverage. She's now on 3g with coverage and $40 a month which in not great value but out of the cities there is not much choice.

    If your parents have home phone and internet through Tel$tra they will "talk" to kep them customers. Tel$tra as ISP is another story that we wont go into but suites some????
  7. Virgin aren't too bad for prepaid. I went with them because:

    1. $10 or $30 recharge has 6 month expiry. $50 or $100 is 1 year expiry.

    2. No charges for using voicemail service.

    FYI, for moderate users Virgin have a "beancounter" prepaid plan. I have switched to it. It is a $25 prepaid (I set it to auto-recharge) and you get 10 cent text and 10 cent/minute (+ 25 cent flagfall) calls. The recharge has a 45 day expiry. I find that for me, this is far more economical than a monthly plan. It's a great deal (at least for me).
  8. Anyone who is in regular employment, is able to control their phone use and can remember to pay their bills on time should be on a post paid account as pre paids are a huge rip off on call rates compared to whats available post paid.

    Most telco's have a very low monthly account available but have high call charges but if, as mentioned, it's for emergencies and occasional calls then that wont matter.