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Cheapest form of motorsport?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Polowski, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Yes, I know what you're thinking - there is no such thing as a cheap form of motorsport. And from what I've been told - that is correct, however what would be the cheapest forms out there?

    Not necessarily limited to 2 wheel racing, i'm talking about... kart racing, dirtbike racing, etc etc

    Not talking about professional levels at all, the complete entry level club sort of competition where people just want to race, without mortgaging the house to do so :/
  2. I had a SX650 Kawasaki stand up jet ski ,picked it up with trailer and rego and warranty from a dealer for $1800 ,run like brand new and with my home made sticker kit ,looked freaken awsome :cool:
    Pick one up for $1200 on ebay.

    Ok so jetski say $2000 would be you a pretty good old one.
    $100 wetsuit.
    $50 lifejacket .
    $120 Dirt bike helmet
    Thats the out lay in the begining ....

    Fuel for a race day would be $40 tops .
    $200 a year race licence and about $50 a raceday .

    So when race day comes it $90.. :cool:
  3. Scaletrix.
  4. Ha ha ha, GOLD!

    He's right though, it's the only cheap form of racing! If you just want to get out on the track and have a blast, then just do track days.

    If you want to go racing, then you better have some spare cash up your sleeve. Running on the tightest budget possible I was still spending 15g a year.
  5. I budget about $600 per race meet. That includes tyres, oil, entry fees, wear and tear. It doesn't include accomodation but does include fuel to get there.
  6. Yep, I was about the same per weekend, but you know what its like when things go bang or smash!

    Polowski - this is a break down of weekend costs roughly (for me that is)

    Entry Fee - $350
    Friday Prac - $100
    Fuel - $200 (for travel and race)
    Tyres - $1200 a set, x2 per year (tight as again) average $400 per w/e
    Oil, filters, etc - $60-100
    Accomodation - find a friend or $150

    And this is when things are running smoothly, which they never do. Engines break from revving the p!ss out of them and need waaaaay more attention than their road bretheren!

    I'm not trying to discourage you from this, but like you started out saying, there's no such thing as cheap racing! If you just want to flog a bike out on the track, stick to the track days much less crashing and no sheep stations (well, for most people there, there's always one d!ckhead!)
  7. Fark, look at those tyre prices!

    I'm lucky, the SV takes 250GP slicks, <$500 set. I get about 3 meets from them. But the wets I used in June, the right side lasted 10kms....(track dried as we went out). Ah well, it's only money...

    Buckets are cheap, as are the 250 production class racing (clubsport in Vic). Redninja is racing on a budget and his bike and prep was less than $3k.

    Entry fees in Vic for the IC meets are also cheaper, at around $150.

    Yup, no such thing as cheap racing.
  8. I am pretty sure that "Clubman" Go Karts is about the cheapest thing around.

  9. No on the contrary thanks for your input!

    The reason I ask is because I have always wanted to race things, karts, cars, and recently since getting my license i'd be lying if i said i hadnt thought about racing bikes as well..

    But I'm a competitive bastard and I don't think the odd track day will really cut it.. surely there is some form of motorsport where like minded plebs battle it out against each other.. tightass style? :D

    no doubt i will spend my life wanting to win lottery so that I can afford to race something on weekends in an organised comp, but I thought if anyone out there knew of something then it wouldnt hurt to ask on here :)
  10. There... That didn't hurt a bit.
  11. I just did a quick search for bucket racing and found: http://ozbucketracing.com/

    Then on that page the current leader is from my local shop MAW.. nice one :)
  12. It's a fkn scam, thanks Dunlop!! Because they were specific for Formula Vee in Australia, and each Vee around world runs different tyres, mainly slicks, so I think they had to develop it also. 3 meets and that's all the useful grip you'll be getting, some lucky buggers got a set each meeting! Stuff spending 6g a year on tyres at the bottom feeder level!!

    Haven't raced bikes before cause I always thought you'd have to be a mad b@stard to do that!!! I didn't grow up with dirt bikes though, so my road riding now is making me think otherwise...... :LOL:
  13. They've got a great website and lots of info. And the people taking part are having a ball.
  14. i think i may have found what i was looking for with this bucket racing caper... I had heard about bucket racing but to be honest being the noob on the block I did not know what bucket racing was :oops: :oops:
  15. It doesn't have to be that expensive to race your bike. MVRog and Garfield know a helluva lot about club-level racing, which is run-what-ya-brung, against a wide variety of other bikes and rider skill levels. You don't have to jump staight into national or state-level competitions, you can start out at the club level and progress if you like it enough to spend the money.

    Roger's always telling me how good a club Preston MCC is for getting started with. Ain't ya Rog?
  16. Mini-motard. I'm not too familiar, but I believe a bike with a few bits on it can be built for under $1500, and racing here in Brisbane is every weekend for $30 or something stupid like that. Tires would be bugger all, and at $1500 the bike could basically be disposable each year.

    Pocket bikes are also a blast and quite cheap.

    MX is pretty cheap, especially just for practice, as is dirt track.
  17. If you want to see some Bucket Racing roll on out to Oran Park this Sunday for the PCRA race meet (the buckets run with them).

    Have a chat to people in the pits and get an idea, they are a good bunch.

  18. thanks mate - ill keep an eye on the calendar of races and see when i can get down to discuss it :)
  19. Blackwater Power boat racing.

    Not sure if you have it over east but in WA we have power dinghy racing using 10hp outboards and the boat hull is nothing more than a glorified door.

    You can pick up a used boat up for about a grand and a second hand outboard for 400 wetsuit life jacket and helmets aren't too much if you search "Cashie's". You can even build your own boat and it would be cheaper however a bit more time consuming. Materials range from cheap chopped strand fibreglass to carbon fiber top hulls and fibreglass mat bottom hulls with sandwich foam. modifactions to the outboards are not permitted but you can get as creative as you want with the boat. Traditionally raced with two in the boat, one driver and the second person acting as almost like a sidecar rider, the boats have a dead flat bottom, this being the fastest , they need to have one of the edge rails pushed into the water while the outboard is steered to turn.

    Races range from river races(perfect example is the Avon Descent) to circuit races around bouys in the river. Depending on the river is how tough the race is, with the Avon Descent being reportedly the longest and toughest Blackwater race in the world.

    A friend who builds boats was in contact with someone in europe asking about building materials and when questioned how fast they were getting the hulls here he was told that we have the fastest 10HP boats in the world. The top guys are reaching somewhere in the vicinity of 97km/h over shallow water.

    The boats use specially designed propellers, which is the only mod allowed on the motor, and can run in something like 4 inches of water! in the river races the boats go down fairly intimidating rapids and dodge rocks and half submerged trees all the while going flat out. If you power off it is quite an effort to get these things planing again as they sort of half sink, therefore the incentive to go fast, unreasonably fast, so fast its not safe.

    I have had the fortunate experience of having a couple of runs in a 10Hp sports category boat for a friend, and i can tell you it was almost as much fun as a track day. Plus water doesn't quite hurt as much as tarmac. Trees and rocks however........

    From what i can understand for a couple of grand split between the two man crew you can go racing.(These boats don't need to be registered here therefore no safety equipment, flares ect, breaking some of the cost.)

    Cheapest racing i've heard of.
  20. Although I havn'tdone it.

    Dirt track racing is fairly cheap. Iknow a few people who doit and you are looking at nearly half the price as road racing. for me.

    Entry is around $50, compared to $250 for road racing.

    I am most likely going to change over to dirt track for a while and use it as practice for road racing.