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NSW cheapest CTP for 1125cc+ in NSW?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by imagineero, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Was going to register the blackbird today (1137cc) and after calling around a few places (GIO, QBE) and checking the online calculator they're all around $930pa. 34 year old rider, no demerit points and no other type of insurance. Anyone got a lead on cheaper CTP's for bigger bikes?

    Failing that, any way to reduce my engine capacity by 12cc? QBE quote $477 for under 1125cc :-(

  2. Interesting when I use the calculator (and use the same capacity bike) but using my information the range is from $474 to $595.67.

    Maybe you should get older, move to the country and get some other insurance as well.

    edit: here's the information I put in

    Step 1: Start Date

    1. Policy Commencement Date: 14-09-12 Step 2: Vehicle Details
    2. Vehicle Type: Motorcycle 1126-1325cc Engine Capacity: 1137 cc
    3. Vehicle Year: 2012
    4. Vehicle Garaged at: 2650
    5. Vehicle status: Privately owned
    6.Registered for private use
    7. ITC Entitlement: No Step 3: Current Insurance Details
    8.No current CTP policy - previous policy expired
    9. Greenslip
    10. Blueslip: Not Required
    11. Current Insurance: Comprehensive
    12. Other Insurance with Western QBE
    13. Other Insurance duration: for 4 or more years.
    14. with a maximum no claim discount of 60% or more Step 4:Registered Owner and Driver Details
    15. Owner Age: Owner aged 47 years
    16. Demerit Points:0 licence demerit points
    17. Youngest driver aged: 42 years years
    18. Driver with at-fault accident in the last 2 years
    19. Years Licence held for: 6 Years
    20. No NRMA Roadside Assistance membership
  3. Turns out I don't even need to get older, and extra insurance is just extra cost. By simply moving to wagga wagga I can bring my greenslip down to between $584~$590, a savings of $340. Not much of a spread there. You country riders must run into trees instead of pedestrians.

    The other alternative is a (very) big bore kit. If I can take my capacty to 1325cc+ and stay as I am, my CTP drops to only $685, saving me $245pa.

    Guys who ride bikes in this class sure must run people over a lot for the premium to be so high. Its over double my car CTP, and not far off the CTP for my 7 tonne truck. I had a play around with all the variables, and most of them don't change the price at all. Demerit points, other insurance, lapsed rego, blue slip required and at fault accidents didn't change the price. Changing my license status to less than 1 year and 6 demerit points didn't increase the price. Changing my age to 49 with no demerit points and no at fault accidents didnt reduce it.

    The evidence is clear. Bikes between 1126~1325cc are simply dangerous to third parties. Whether you are 19 with a license held less than a year with many demerit points and at fault accidents and no insurance, or nearly 50 with no demerit points or at fault accidents and held your license all your life, you have the same risk of hurting or killing a third party with your motorcycle. Unless you live in the countryside where there are no people. Riders of slightly larger or smaller motorcycles are, however, much safer.

    The only thing I could find that changed the price was the postcode.

  4. Its not pedestrians. The class carry (and injure) pillions. It is actually low as it is subsidised by the smaller classes.
  5. Last time I checked (admittedly a few years back) pillions weren't covered by ctp, and neither were passengers in your own motor vehicle. GIO talks up their ctp as covering passengers and claims that other insurers dont cover same.

    Even if they were, I would imagine that riders in the less expensive ctp 1325cc+ class (what are we talking here, gold wings, metric cruisers and Harley's?) carry pillions just as frequently.
  6. Its a scam I tell ya......................for me QBE was the lowest in general, its price can come down depending on a persons demerit point status............

    I eventually went with NRMA, its CTP price went down if you have an existing third party property with them..............what I did was just take out the third party property prior to getting the CTP.
  7. Pillions are definitely covered in NSW.

    The MCCNSW has detail of how it is calculated, the 1200ish category is the highest risk. Remember that the 1200 also include the BMW 1200's which are very popular pillion bikes.
  8. So some things are cheaper in the country. I'm not sure it makes up for the inflated fuel prices we pay.

    What VC is saying is right. The bigger bikes are more expensive because they carry and hurt pillions. This group is also full of returning riders/mid life crisis riders and their wives.
  9. I pay around $330 for the 14.......... regional area with GIO

    I was told that the costs, which went up last year even with the general decrease across the board so to speak was due to.........

    the huge influx of goddamn miners in WA and Qld buying their friggin' big Harleys and stacking them into roos and wotever....... :(
  10. Hmm I wonder....

    Assuming a price difference of 20c per litre and a average use of 7L/100km you would need to travel further than 24285km per annum to cost more than the $340 difference stated above.

    That is not even including tolls or parking (but who pays them anyway).

    These comparisons never make anyone happy though, it's only money. :)
  11. hehehe

    Actually what is the price of fuel in Sydney at the moment?
  12. Whatsever excuse they can use to jack up the price........they will use!
  13. $1.67 for 95 on the weekend when I filled up, I don't check it all the time. I think I was being on the high side with 20c generally, its only 5-10c unless you are the back of woop woop.
  14. hahahaha.

    I see they fixed country fuel prices by charging similar prices in Sydney. In which case, I retract my previous comment.
  15. Have you ckecked GIO? Mine's a 996 and costs $277 for CTP, the best by far.
  17. Just thought I'd close this one off. Coughed up $930 to QBE today for no particular reason except that I've got a couple other vehicles with them and maybe I can leverage it a little on the other vehicles later.

    Was an extra $250 for stamp duty, new plate and rego, so all up $1180 for 12 months. Ouch.

    I'm thinking to sell up sometime this year, and get a slightly smaller bike... The difference in CTP adds up to about $10/wk. Maybe an older style CBR1000 or simlar. I can't think of many other bikes off the top of my head that are large enough physically for someone my size - 6'3, 110kg. My partner makes up for it by weighing 45kg, but that doesn't make me any shorter. I really don't need the power of the blackbird, I just like it for its size and comfy seat for my big fat ass. Second blackbird now, had a CBR1000F a few years back and it was about the right sort of size too.