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Cheapest bikes ever!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tim650, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. Its a Scam, check out some of these rides floating around on bikesales. How bout a Ducati 1098s for $8400.

    I wish..

    Or a 2007 ZX-6r for $7700.

    Notice its in America by noticing the number plates on the bike slightly, the big US truck, and the volvo station wagon thing is left hand drive.

    There was more including 2 gsxr1000's for $5k. I messaged each of them for curiousity saying i would buy it C.O.D lol, also because they DONT have contact numbers, and when they replied they all had the same story they seperated from their partner and moved to londan and left the bike in Australia because it would cost too much to take it. The bike is held at some transport company which you pay them the full amount too, and they deliver the bike within 14 days which you can check it out and if your not happy get a refund. BULLSH*T...

    So be careful when shopping around, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

  2. Forget that grey porridge; I want one like the one in your avatar :LOL:.
  3. The bad spelling is also a give away.

    Don't laugh to hard thou, there was a kid on here that was burnt by one of these scamers. Probably the same people.

    Fark I wish scamers like this would walk onto the street and get cleaned up by a bus.
  4. I saw this on there today as well. How dumb do they think people are???
  5. there;'s bound to be someone that will fall for it!
    Scamming wouldn't be a bad business to get into lol

    BTW, I purchased a 2008 R1 today. It was only $4000 with 24 months rego. Full custom exhaust, new turbo with a blow off valve and neons... I should get it in about 2 weeks! w00t

  6. Haha, yeh im always on bikesales checking if there are any new bargains. The Ducati is way too underpriced and soo obvious, less than a 1/3 of its value. The ninja is more realistic.

    I feel sorry for the Poor fella that got scammed. An expensive lesson learned.
  7. The rule- unless you're touching it, and it clears, don't hand over anything.

    Leave the bargains where I can snap them up! I want 24 months rego!

    (And yes, while it is a topic repost, I believe it is a good thing that new lurkers are aware and the topic is hammered home)

    (And i quite like one e-mail correspondence, I asked for the engine number for a REVs check, and he wrote "I don't want to release that information because of all the scams on the internet these days", or words to that effect)

    I wish it would be possible to find these scam group members and break their hands. It's hard writing scam letters with stumps.
  8. Bikesales.com.au should feel a little more accountable for these scammers, they don't make it easy for us to report.
  9. I agree how can you tell them. I reported one guy i was talking to on BikePoint bout a GSXR1000 for $5700. The Engine/chassis number did come up on REVS as not matching the rta's records.
    I received an email back of bikepoint saying many people have reported the same add as 'Fraud' and the add was deleted.

    Speaking of spelling errors, i dont know how American bumpkins spell colours, sorry COLORS, lol. But they spelt on the ZX6r colour "Grean". Its green wankers.
  10. That's a Saab :LOL:
  11. Same sh*t JP, Saab Aero or whatever i couldnt remember lol
  12. if ya cant see it. dont buy it.!
  13. Just emailed... if no-one makes them aware, they cannot correct their actions. :)
  14. Good stuff, better they be removed before someone else gets caught out again.
  15. there must be something that we can do if/while bikesales does nothing to deal with these guys. like on ebay how people used to make fake accounts to raise the price of ticket scalpers auctions. why dont each of us on netrider send the seller a long winded expression of interest every day with some convoluted way for him to contact us. then after a week of that we start to just abuse them and tell them to stop trying to scam people.

    just a thought

  16. decided to have a crack at this guy. hopefully they/he/she/he-she gets the message before someone gets scammed...

    I am writing this letter in confidence believing that if it is the wish of God for you to help me and my family, God almighty will bless and reward you abundantly. My family and I are true Christians and worship's God truthfully. I got your contact through Internet during my research on some one who could help us.
    I am a female student from University of Nigeria, Lagos. I am 28 yrs old. I'd like any bike that can be caring, loving and home oriented. I will love to have a long-term relationship with your bike and to know more about it. I would like to build up a solid foundation with your bike in time coming if you can be able to help me in this transaction.
    Well, my fathers died earlier two months ago and left my mother I and my junior brother behind. He was a king, which our town citizens titled him before his death. I was a Princess to him and I and my brother are the only people who can take Care of his wealth now because my mother is not literate enough to know all my father's wealth behind.
    He left up to AUD 27, 350, 000.00 dollars (TWENTY SEVEN MILLION, THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND US DOLLARS) with a security company, and I don't know how and what I will do to invest this money somewhere in abroad, so that my father's kindred will not take over what belongs to my father and our family, which they were planning to do without my present because I am a female as stated by our culture in the town. That is why I felt happy when I saw your contact which I strongly believe that by the grace of God, you will help me secure and invest this money. I thereby need your help in bringing the box contaning the money out from the security company, based on your reply I will furnish you with more details on how we can proceed.
    I am ready to pay 10% of the total amount to you if you help us in securing this money and another 10% interest of Annual Income to you, for handling this business for us, which you will strongly have absolute control over. I am also happy to accept your bike as this 10% payment. If you send it direct to my Palace then we can process this transaction as quickly as possible and you will become a very rich man. The address you will send the bike to is 
    Royal Palace
    I will pay for all postage costs on delivery. 
    If you can handle this project sincerely and also willing to assist me in lifting this fund, kindly reach me and I will let you know the next step to take towards actualizing this transaction as quickly as possible.
    Please, note that this transaction is 100% risk free.
    I look forward hearing from you soonest.
    Yours sincerely,
    Miss Princess Eissiene
    :LOL: :LOL:
  17. I was going to show intrest in the 1098, but leave a false email, and tell him to ring me as it is faster... i doubt i'd get a call tho... but if i do, and even if its a private number, i'd take it to the police and have them access the phone records to see if the number could be traced back...

    I was also going to say that i need it before the w/e, and i'll fly up to Syd to pick it up from where its being held, and hand the money to the guy holding it. :LOL:
  18. Is $29,990 supposed to be a bargain? :roll:
  19. I sent the guy an email with an old account of mine I don't use. Here is the reply I got:

    All the familiar symptoms of a scam are there hahaha. TBH it looks like a pro-forma: " Hi I'm the owner of <<Insert bike description>>....

    :roll: :roll:
  20. Here's my reply from bikesales: