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Cheaper Phillip Island ride days.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    I just saw on the trackdaypro.com.au website that they are going to be arranging group bookings for Phillip Island Ride Days. Booking with a group drops the price down to $199 instead of $239, so it's worth thinking about. The details are on www.trackdaypro.com.au/ride.html, we should get together and book through them.

  2. Definately worth it JO. If they line up with any of my days I can get off I'm in.
  3. That is exactly what this is, 10 spots for a SINGLE day. You'll struggle to use them all by yourself.:grin: The trackdaypro guys are gonna do all the organising to get the 10 people so you don't have to. Sounds good to me!
  4. thats pretty decent,
  5. yeah not saying it's a bad deal, just saying anyone can do it if they have 10 people willing to participate.
  6. Sweeties, what a deliciously interesting concept - I can only assume that they may also roll it out at my home track at some point in the future.

    Sugarplums I just have to adore innovation........
  7. WTF drugs are you on 'sweetie'?

    Count me in if you decide to get a group together J.O.
  8. Not stealing their thunder but yes anyone can do the same thing. Ive booked a group of 21 for 18/12 at EC. Same deal we all just pay $199.If you look at the conditions if they dont get 10 they refund your money about 2 weeks out. Good luck booking on your own then. Good on them for doing the leg work though.
  9. Darling you must be team Green.......
  10. I agree, sugarplum seems to have a psychological issue. Take it elsewhere "sweetie"
  11. Sugarplum where would have me go?

    I know it's tempting to say I should be trussed up in a white jacket and placed in a rubber room, but personally I prefer to be trussed up in my Gimoto race suit at the track........
  12. Actually the group booking name is Anti-KSRC love fest.Theyve got something like 45 going. I have a love/hate relationship with them\\:D/ All in fun though.
  13. Sweetie that hilarious Anti Kawasaki Riders Club.........
  14. You're welcome to join...
  15. Sweetie a very generous offer. No wonder I couldn't get a spot that day.
  16. PM sent
  17. PM Received......(sweeties as a general rule I will not answer PMs, in this instance I relented)
  18. ok, why do bikes have to be ADR'd and no competition bikes? that screws me for PI and i assume that broady is the same.

    awesome fun. NOT.
  19. Too many rules and conditions. I want to take my bike to Calder to drag a friend but I can't even do that without full leathers. I don't have leathers. Well not yet anyway.