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Cheaper gear worth it?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MrJax, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm in the market for a new jacket. I've searched the forums/google and read a heap on different pieces of gear and have found that it is possible to find some good gear for a cheaper price that isn't a premium brand name.

    I've just come across these and want some thoughts on the quality. They look great to me for the price and sound like they offer a solid level of protection. Not looking for a one piece track suit, just something that can be used to get around town and for weekend fun.

    http://ozbargains.shop033.com/p/891...leather-jacket-for-men--5-pce-ce-armour-.html (currently have a fully waterproof textile which is a little big. Was good in winter with a big warm hoody underneath, but I want something that fits better without the extra volume now)

    http://ausmotogear.com.au/p/8668355/motorbike-cordura-pants.html (currently wear a pair of draggin jeans which offer no armour protection. Pants also come in camo)
  2. Hi, If you are working on a tight budget then any protection is better than none. What you get with higher grade of leathers is triple stitching, hidden stitching which is resistant to abrasion. Reinforcement either by Kevlar or other leather pieces. Taping of seams and longevity.

    Be careful for the CE mark in all cases. On the left is the European CE mark, on the right is the "less respected" China Export mark. It is good if you can inspect them before you buy.
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  3. Sometimes even when people buy great quality gear they buy in sizes that effectively achieve half the protection due to say armour rolling off the intended places. Whatever you decide make sure to get sized up so that your gear is tight. My leathers were so tight when I bought them I could not move my arms to get zip done up without a good struggle. Now they are worn in they are super comfy but still very tight around my torso arms legs shoulders etc.

    I always remember a good mate saying if you can still breathe fine they aren't tight enough. I also believe you get what you pay for but in saying that everyone has different budgets. Though they are the only thing between you and the Tarmac
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  4. We get leathers brought in for repairs that are absolutely trashed after low speed spills. Some top quality suits are fine for use after 200+kmph slides.
    You do get what you pay for. On the road, how well you go really depends on whether you hit anything solid or not, but on track, you really should have a good set of leathers.

    All sets of genuine CE armour are supplied with a little booklet, with information on the manufacturer or testing facility. You would expect the manufacturers of the garment to attach one of these booklets with the tags. And most reputable ones do.
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  5. One problem is, after 12 months or so you realise its crap and want to get a good jacket but you've got a few hundred invested in the crap one and...
    A good one lasts forever (or until you come off)
    Go for quality from the start. Sort out your size and look on e-bay.
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  6. Most of the cheaper gear that's available is compliant with our safety laws, the question is to what degree?

    Went out looking for a new pair of draggins about a year ago and ended up looking at those alongside a number of cheaper brands and in every single case the financial advantage was obtained at the expense of safety. All the cheaper jeans were either lined with cheap kevlar or kevlar that was far thinner than you'll find in a pair of the more expensive offerings.

    Go with twistngo's advice, go try the gear on which you want then buy it on ebay, that's what I'm doing with the Streeguard 3 suit and it's costing me a ton less than retail. I bought a cheapo wet weather kit a few years back and apart from being useless at keeping water out the padding has moved from its original spots so it's a case of lesson learned for me.
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  7. Cheers for the advice guys. Think I'll give cheapo option a miss and get something of better quality
  8. I think you have made the wise option. Good luck mate
  9. I try and hunt for quality gear on sale, Not fussed if its the wrong colour to match my hair or last years/decades models.
  10. Be better than nothing probably, I wouldn't buy it. Maybe some other folks have had experience with these.
  11. Yeh I think I'll give it a miss. Wouldn't mind a bit more than "better than nothing" on the old noggin!
  12. I grabbed a set of gloves last time for spares. Have worn them a few times and there ok. They don't really have much movement in them though. Think it's the "carbon" knuckles doing it.
    My roland sands ones weren't too much more and are a lot more comfortable.
  13. The most important part about the Aldi helmets is that they meet and comply with the same standard as all the Shoei, Arai etc. are required to meet;
    i.e. AS/NZS1698:2006.
  14. There is a new government site called crash I think. Think it's nsw. And they do independant testing on many of the most popular helmets in aus. Was interested to see some helmets score double other helmets that cost twice as much. Worth a look anyway. But fitment is key as with all gear
  15. Thanks Mooney! I checked it out and these three helmets came up tops- but it seems only the shard vision r is easily available in shops, at least in sydney, to try for size etc. oh well, shark vision r it is then. bit more than i was planning on spending but....ca sera sera
  16. woops
    AGV Grid $257 some more expensive - don’t know why Add $50 to this for US postage

    Or $440

    HJC IS-16 $135

    Or $199 in silver

    Shark Vision R $400
  17. Hey Davey boy just be sure to get one that fits your head. Every manufacturer has slightly different shell shapes and internal shapes. Some will fit your head and others don't. The sharks didn't actually fit my head very well. Must be my odd shaped noggin haha