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Cheap windscreen for off-road type bikes

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by dobbo, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. After endless modifications on my 2008 DR650; here is my latest one.

    Windscreen - Made from 3mm PolyCarbonate (Lexan) type plastic. Same stuff riot sheilds are made from, so the chance of breaking it in a crash and exposing a sharp edge thats going to take my head off is reduced. (This is why I chose not to use perspex)

    My basic template was made from an idea found here (15 pages of info):
    $6 DIY Windscreen : Mods & Farkles

    Template recommends using a plastic rubbish bin; however, I could not find a blue one to match the bike, so I spent $20 on a piece of polycarbonate 450mm x 450mm.
    I made it about 15mm higher than the template, as to suit my height.
    Poly carbonate can be difficult to bend, but using an heat gun (Hair dryer will be sufficient also), to apply gentle heat and working from the outside bends inwards, it is relatively easy.
    to cut it I used and angle grinder, but can be cut with a steady hand and a hacksaw.
    I used four (4) small bolts to fit it and had some edging from a previous project to tidy it up.
    all up, it took me around 2 hours to make and fit, whilst have a beverage. :)
    I had to apply a couple of stickers to cover up some small blisters in the polycarbonate, as too much heat was applied where all the bends meet at the bottom of the screen, but hey, it's only a DR and Im sure it will be scratched up soon enough.

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  2. Hey Dobbo,

    That screen looks tops. You could charge folks for this sort of workmanship.
    Well done, mate.

    Thx for the link, BTW.
  3. Impressive.
  4. That looks spot on dobbo, well done.
  5. Top job dobbo, looks great.
  6. Well done mate!