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Cheap tyres?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by robbied, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    Anyone know where to get cheap tyres?
    I am after a set of pilot powers or equivalent.



  2. It would help if we knew what state you live in. :roll:
  3. Its right next door to the cheap spare parts joint and across the road from where you get free fuel.
    When you find this paradise let us all know where it is please.

    Seriously, a good relationship with a bike shop is better than saving $10 somewhere.
  4. :LOL: :LOL:

    "When you find this paradise let us all know where it is please." :p

    ALL the shops within 50km, at least, of me, SUCK!
  5. G'day everyone,...

    The other weekend,..15/9,.... I payed $309.00 for a rear Pilot power2 for my Romana.
    Was about average from what I have seen elswhere.

    Good luck finding CHEAP tyres,....
    Mind you mine did 18,000.klm

    Dr Who?
  6. That puts you in merto shops and I tend to agree although a certain S shop in Niddrie has a good reputation. :?:

    How about heading west? :)
  7. Niddrie, that's where I bought my bike and they have d#cked me around the last few times I have tried to buy anything from them. West? West of me there's Ballarat and they don't have a Suzi dealer, the next Suzi dealer is Stawell out West, aint that ridiculous! Ballarat has a reasonable Honda/Yamaha dealer, and a Kwaka dealer, although the three times I have been in for a look they have not had one single new bike on the floor. :?
  8. Any good places with decent prices around s.e. suburbs melb
  9. Try sports bike knockfield
  10. The Suzuki dealer who got my business ia 145k away. My closest Suzuki dealer is about 100k. I'm happy to do the distance if I'm being looked after. I have a honda shop that is 2 blocks away and I've always had great service from them even aboard a Suzuki. :)
  11. I use Bob Jane in the city mainly because they are right across the road from work and Richard who works in the bike section is a good bloke.
    I paid $205 for a Pilot power on friday and $290 for a Pilot road 2ct a couple of months ago. I did not even price them anywhere else so I have no idea if these are good prices. As I said though Richards is a good bloke and I do not have to travel to get the job done.
  12. Has anyone shipped tyres from the U.S.?

    I can get Metzeler M3's front and rear shipped to my door for $370 AUD
  13. Action MC in the city is doing M3 sets for $350 if you bring the wheels in fitted.
  14. I am from melb but I will get into contact with them!
  15. Thats really cheap for m3s just make sure there not quoting you for m1s :wink:
  16. I checked action, they are for M1's
  17. pablos?
  18. Try Dynoverks as well.. :grin: