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Cheap trucks for moving house?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Hey folks

    Any idea who does a good cheap truck? Hydraulic lift would be ideal.

  2. Cheapest way is to rent a moving trailer. The things are massive, unless you really need a truck. But a couple of trips with an enclosed furniture trailer will usually do it.

    I would guess try Budget, Europcar, etc. Or you could always rent a caged ute, those things are also pretty good.
  3. Yeah I'm a fan of doing just one trip for the big stuff.

    I've used budget in the past, just checking if anyone here knew of any sweet deals.
  4. You could have a look at Thrifty, Avis and Europcar.

    Europcar seemed the cheapest when I looked but the others may have new deals. :)
  5. We've used Europcar and it was pretty cheap
  6. Budget and orix trucks are about the cheapest.

    8t pan with lifter about $120 a day.

    You can save about half by booking the truck 4 overnight rate 6pm to 6am.

    The local rag is another place to source a cheap truck with a driver. Mid week cash rates are pretty good sometimes.
  7. Just looking, budget seems to be 3-4 times the price of Europcar on a 24hr rental of a 3t truck. :shock: Well worth shopping for the best price.
  8. Well bugger me, that's a bit rich. Thanks lads.
  9. I used Budget late last year and paid about $180 for a 12t truck. It was a Sunday, from memory they have cheaper rates Sunday through Tuesday.
  10. not sure about melbourne but in sydney europcar craps all over the others. that said you would have to pick it up from here and return it by 7pm.. has been the same when i have been in QLD and other parts of the planet so i would think the same in VIC
  11. We used Europcar when we moved up here. Their trucks were the cheapest and their extras (insurance, etc. were also cheaper). We had it for 24hours and it cost $190 + fuel. I managed to fit almost everything in. We had a ute as well which I put the dregs in.

    They were doing deals for Mondays and Tuesdays IIRC.
  12. I've used Europcar many times, always tends to be the better deal. They are also tied into many discount card programs so if you have any of those (Entertainment card and the like) you can get an even better deal.
  13. Much of a muchness Loz, ring around, weekday much cheaper than weekend.
  14. Oh look. There's someone to help you move Loz. With a username like that you'll be done in no time :LOL: :LOL:
  15. The cheapest place that I've seen used to be $80 per day for a 3 tonne truck - this was around 1 year ago when I was moving. The conditions to the special price is that it must be rented on a weekday (excluding Friday) and the truck doesn't have a hydraulic lift, but a ramp instead.

    The price for a hydraulic lift truck was around $120 as i recall. The prices for weekends were even more. Luckily I didn't require a hydraulic lift and was moving on a weekday so it worked out fine for me at $80. They were new trucks and are extremely spacious compared to a trailer. I fit a whole packed to the brim 6x8 trailer load in less than half the truck! Plus they were quite convenient with their after hours return facilities and all.

    It was in Tullamarine and I'll post up the phone number once i find it.
  16. Remind me to never help you guys move! I hate that back and forth, I'm too tight to hire a proper truck BS. It ends up taking WAY longer than hiring the correct size vehicle and any savings you make get burnt up in fuel.
    Thrifty do decent larger trucks, I paid $210 for a Mitsu FM with hydraulic tailgate. You'd need an MR licence for something like that though, but the non MR trucks aren't that much smaller these days.
    I tend to avoid the cheapest hire trucks, seen too many by the side of teh road.

    Regards, Andrew.