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Cheap T-Shirts anyone?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Jezza, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. If I was French I would be offended, but being a POM originally, LMAO

    This will really help Anglo-French relations. :)
  2. Are you sure the price refers to the T Shirts.... Or the Babe in Red :eek:
  3. Who could imagine an Olympics in France?

    They wouldn't have let the Americans compete for a start! :LOL:
  4. Cute pic!
    Gotta love the old GB vs France rivalry.
  5. :LOL: mmm... they don't exactly look like official shirts from an endorsed vendor :LOL:
  7. Yay for London.

    (Sarcasm really doesn't come across well in this medium ;))

    Meh, either way... i'll probably be over there about that time... so i'm keen for some English Beach Volleyball action. ;) Goosebumps & purple skin - mmmmm... sexy.
  8. reow :LOL:
  9. Hey i'm English. :p Ok, well i'm a Possie. :p
  10. Man im slow, was searching the picture for ages trying to figure out what was funny, then saw the logos ROFL
  11. wat is funnier is that it is last years french miss universe entrant thats sellin em.

    yay, sod you froggies, now all we need to do is block that bloody hole up and england will be great once again

  12. :LOL: Oh my , they were a bit overly confident weren't they.