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Cheap ( sub $800 ) trail/farm bike for 100% newbie..

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Polowski, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Hello all - Since obtaining my license and bike, my other half is beside herself trying to convince me that she wants to get her license too :LOL:

    The main problem is that she has never ridden a motorcycle before, and she drives an automatic car (boooo!). I thought it would be a good idea to buy her a farm/trail bike for a couple of hundred that we can drop, thrash, and bash in the safety of a paddock somewhere whilst she learns to ride.

    I'm only a noob myself to be honest, so I am not sure what type of bike would be best for this, or if i should just go to the trading post and buy the cheapest nastiest thing as long as it runs..

    What would you guys/girls suggest?

    Obviously want a manual bike, but as far as the rest goes - it doesnt matter so much. My gf is about 5'7 or 5'8.

    Anyone in Sydney have a paddock basher lying around in the garage they want to unload? :D :D
  2. A CT110 or Postie would be the only thing with some sort of reliability

    Anything else for $800 is a complete lottery

    Good luck
  3. My brother has a postie bike up in newcastle, however it is a clutchless manual..so I didnt think that it would be the best idea to learn on as I want her to be able to learn to use the clutch
  4. +1 Toecutter
  5. My brother and I did exactly the same thing before going for our L's...we ended going halves on a 1980 Yamaha XT250...$500 on ebay.
    She leaks a bit of oil but theres plenty of life in the old girl yet.....heaps of fun and got our abilities up enough to do a half-day L's course instead of the full 2 day course :grin:

    So yeah...they're out there for under $800
  6. There's a few Chinese Ag bikes available now which even new are less than 2k (Marshin 150cc Terra for example). Chinese build quality may not be great, but compared to a CT110 that's already done the rounds with Aus Post or a late 70's/early 80's dirtbike they might not be too bad.
  7. Go the CT110. That is what I did for the mrs. Enabled her to build up confidence and it didn't matter if she stacked it.

    Only every had one problem, got a phone call telling me she was broken down on beach rd. When I got down there I checked the fuel and she was bone dry on reserve already. Her response? I thought I would have to fill it up once a month! She was riding every day 20km each way!
  8. Try an old yamy 200 ag bike, they can be had for cheap and are good learner bikes (off road only of course)
  9. how did you all go with the clutch once upgrading from the clutchless CT110 though?

    The main thing i think she needs to learn is using gears as she has never driven a manual car or ridden a manual bike... i think it sort of defeats the purpose if there is no clutch..?
  10. The older Agg100's can be registered after a few mods (Front brake light switch, blinkers), you just have to find tires for them.

    Don't forget repear costs. Got my bike + spare parts bike for free, but it's cost me near a grand to fix up so far.
  11. You're still using gears though.
  12. the yamaha ag 200 does look like the kind of thing I am after... thanks for the suggestions folks :D

    will also get the woman onto the brothers postie just to see how she copes with that.. if all else fails ill give her a pushbike :p
  13. The ag 200 can be registered but I just would not ride one on the road, that is all.
  14. i dont want to register the bike for road use - just purely going to thrash it around in a paddock somewhere..
  15. check ebay, i regulary buy sub 800 dirt bikes that are quite good value, ussually only requiring minor work (brakes, clutch, filters and carby cleans) to get back to scratch, I have a KDX200 at the moment, but have had plenty of others that went great after a few simple spanner days :grin:
  16. I've been looking at KDXs on eBay, as I'd love a little 2 stroke to rip around on in the bush. I have an '82 XT250 at the moment which is registered, it would be a good learner bike, very forgiving, nice, even power throughout the revs, low seat height, and the engines last pretty much forever. Also there are lots of em around, seen plenty on eBay for less than a grand. Most of them are old farm bikes. The TT250 is the same engine. So is the SR250 road bike, though the SR is 12v rather than 6v on the XT/TT, and has electric start. The XTs/TTs are good for parts, and damn reliable. Also check out some older XR Hondas. The XR200s are pretty good little bikes. I think you should give her a go on the postie, as these have gears, and although no clutch, she'll get used to changing gears, have her listen to the engine revving to figure out when to change gears. When she has the hang of that, she'll probably be able to get used the clutch a little easier, as she won't have to manage the clutch and the gears all at once. Little steps, my friend. :grin:

    The XTs have pretty moderate power in stock form, but I'd like a little more power than my 4st 250 puts out with high comp piston and aftermarket exhaust, but still want something that's cheap to register, the greenslip for anything over 300cc is alot higher than a 250. Maybe a KTM 300 two stroke? Anyone know if they are like 298cc or something so they qualify for the cheap under 300cc CTP?

    Good luck!