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Cheap source for Metzeler tyres? {too difficult to find TYRES in the categories?}

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by VladTepes, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. (Hope this is in the right forum)

    I have a near new Metzeler Lasertec on the front of my CX500.

    The rear tyre is almost totally tread free and needs replacement for roadworthy, not to mention safety ! I'd like to fit a lasertec but can't find any people who stock them here, and those who tell me they can get them in have quoted ridiculous prices (I can't recall exactrlty how much but it was ridiculous!)

    Anyway can anyone point me somewhere in Brisbane (prefer norther suburbs) who stocks these?

    Alternatively what's a good overseas / internet source ?

  2. Re: Cheap source for Metzeler tyres?

    Two Wheels Tyres out west past Ipswich have always done me pretty well: worth at least giving them a ring. It's a nice ride out and they'll fit 'em while you wait.
  3. Re: Cheap source for Metzeler tyres?

    I got my M5s at Tyres 4 Bikes at a very reasonable price.
  4. Re: Cheap source for Metzeler tyres?

    Bravus - As the bike isn;t working (in bits) at the moment a ride ain;t gonna happen... and I'd prefer not to have to drive out there if I coudl avoid it....

    Jaco - I'll have a look thanks
  5. You've got a Plastic Maggot? - Respect!

    You could certainly try rockymountainatv/jakewilson but I believe they have been told by Metzeler that they are not to export tyres. Still, it's worth checking them out.
  6. Michelin have asked them not to export tyres, other brands still seem to be good at the moment...
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  7. Teammoto was selling some at Nerang when i bought my bike - Metzelers, type unknown.
    Maybe give them a ring and see if they still carry them? I cant see them on their site listing anymore.