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Cheap solutions to riding in the heat

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by es, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. - public transport; its got air con!

    seriously though, Im looking for some cheap (under $15) ways to deal with riding in the heat.

    So far Ive come up with

    ~ Filling a hot water bottle with ice/filing it with water and freezing it.

    the only problem with this one is that if I come off the hard top on the bottle will probably crack a rib.

    ~ stealing ice from work to stuff my bra with

    only problem was hard nipples :LOL:
    I would have chucked a stack down my jacket but the ice is upstairs and my jacket was down stairs and I couldnt sneak ice out of the kitchen to the staff room.

    ~ saturate old t-shirt and stick it in the freezer for a little (not long enough to make it impossible to put on :LOL: )

    Other ideas? Any suggestions of what i could use instead of hot water bottle? jd suggested those sports ice packs, which Im thinking of trying.
  2. No name brand frozen peas, the really cheap ones. You can use them several times if they don't thaw and cook them with your body heat, as they will refreeze. And the issue of injury is reduced due to there small individual size.
  3. I wear a camelback on longer rides and offroad. I usually partially freeze it so it stays cooler longer, this also has the benefit of keeping your back cool. Aside from that, just get a jacket with good ventilation.
  4. {frozen peas}

    you would, however, have to watch your ps and qs
  5. Note the cheap under $15
    otherwise, sure id get one.
  6. Yep, was using one of those yesterday - remembered that the best place to buy them from is usually a chemist (you could also reuse it as a heat pack in winter).
  7. How about one of those ice/heat type packs from the chemist - the ones you can freeze and reuse - they sort of look like a larger version of those slushy highly coloured icepoles in plastic that kids (and I) like. I still have the one from my learning to fly episode (small highside) several years ago and its still good.
  8. Carry a plastic bottle of water and wet your t shirt when it dries out.
  9. Just ride bare back, that costs you nothing and I am sure many people will offer you an icy-pole. :LOL:
  10. Cup holder and a slurpie!
  11. how about those ice bricks made for eskies we all seem to have taking up space in our freezers but never use ... or never remove just in case one day we do
  12. If you have a dry mesh jacket.... simply douse yourself in water. put on the jacket and ride to your hearts content...
  13. you could also try modifying one of those beer can hats with the cans on the side attaching it to your helmet and allowing the water bottles to drip feed into your jacket , and air speed will keep the water cool too
  14. You can attach one of those battery operated fans onto your handlebars for when your in stationary traffic, just hit the fan and your cool as ice!
  15. check out the Koolit neck band in the assessories forum. $15 from Rebel Sports.
  16. Got a no name one from Anaconda for $16 and it seems ok. I've only used it for hiking and not riding yet but it should be ok.
  17. Was in Coles yesterday and they had soft freezer packs for lunch boxes and the like - much cheaper than the chemist injury packs.

    But actually, and sorry to give negligent advice, I think the only solution is to ride in such a way as to be completely diverted from how hot it is.
  18. I just bought a hydration pack, perfectly fine 1.5 litre brand new, off e-bay for $15.00. just get a brand that isn't "Camelbak" and you'll be sorted!