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Cheap riding gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by yohcaptain, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. If anyone is intrested there is a scratch and dent place that sales....you guess it motorcycle gear . :p .the address is 5/477 Dorset road Bayswater (Victoria) the company name is AMX ...i hope this helps anyone who are a little strapped for cash :cool:

  2. Do they have ladies gear?
  3. yes stocky they do :grin:
  4. can you rate what the gear is like?
  5. Mostly brand name stuff

    Prices are good - not quite the DFO discount some might be hoping for.

    Had quite a chat to the owner a few weeks back - His shop is not in any sort of retail complex at all, Sundays are his way of balancing the books.
    He takes out major adverts in the Trading post as his way of just getting more trade in the door.

    Seems a good, honest sort of guy - I will always try to support the guy who owns the shop if he is the one working 7 days a week, - at least he knows what he has in stock, and what he doesn't.

    I bought some gloves, a jacket, pants, and am going back for a leather jacket as well. Not a lot in my size 56-58!

    You could do a lot worse than trying him.
  6. sounds ok, but i'd be rather weary if they sold helmets...
  7. I had a look at AMX before I bought my bike. They most definitely are not a scratch and dent place. Everything I saw was new and undamaged. Apart from their sale bin items, their prices looked about the same as everywhere else.

    Swifty, would you be weary of buying Shoei helmets? They stock a lot of new cheap helmets and sell new Shoei as well.

    Their range is pretty fair. They've got heaps of jackets (leather and cordura), leather two piece zip together riding suits, have more than some other places for both road and dirt bikes, lots of boots (well known names like Sidi). They have a large range of everything else (a lot of Dri-Rider branded stuff).

    You can't get stuff like Dainese Wave back protectors but they have other less expensive gear. Apart from boots, they don't seem to stock the higher end of the price range and that's fair enough considering who their target customers are.

    Robsalv recommended knee protectors from there to me so I'll be checking it out.
  8. ...I think i recommended knee/shin armour... don't think I suggested this place specifically though! ...only coz I don't know this place.

    In regards to knee armour, I got me some beauties from Race replica, "six one six" brand. $50. Very comfy.