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Cheap replacement exhaust for VT250 Spada - noob needs help!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Puffin, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Okay, I admit it. I know nothing about exhausts..

    What I do know, however, is that the exhaust that is sitting on my Spada is extremely unsightly - all bent, scratched and deformed - and that's not even mentioning the enamel stove paint the previous owner placed on it to (supposedly) hide all of this...

    I need a replacement - but where do I go/what should I buy... Should I call a wrecker, will only certain types of exhausts work with this bike? Should I take the bike to a bike shop? I am an absolute noob.

    I don't want to spend much... I just need a cheap, decent looking exhaust as the current one really detracts from the overall appearance.

    On a different note, does anyone know where I could buy Spada rear fairings - you know, the ones at the back that sit just below the seat?

  2. Addition

    Oh, I forgot to ask... what sort a price range am I looking at to get an el cheapo, standard boring exhaust fitted?
  3. Exhaust cover

    hmmm I have read through all of the posts relating to the Spada and exhausts.... The staintune would be nice... but expensive... do you guys/girls think it would be possible just to place a cover on the exhaust... almost like a sleeve... just to hide all the unsightly dents and whatnot... am I being too ambitious?
  4. My first call would be to a few wreckers. Then investigate the cost of having a cover made.
  5. Wreckers

    Do I need a VT exhaust though? Are there any other exhausts that will work with the bike?
  6. rusty exhaust

    can any spada owners give me any information as my exhaust system is rusted close to the cylinder. Is this repairable? how much? if not, how much and where can i buy a good one?
    Any info is appriciated.
  8. Re: rusty exhaust

    Is it just unsightly or rusted through?

    The Spada exhaust is a one piece welded job, any changes to it involve cutting it up and clamping/welding new sections in.

    I haven't tried it, but i reckon you could probably just take the exhaust down to an automotive exhaust place and get them to make you one get a "more standard" fitting for the muffler and get a cheap ebay job or something.

    A vtr250 exhaust is pretty similar, although i think some of the bends are different enough to stop it bolting straight on.

    I was quoted around $400-450 by wrecker to make an exhaust from head to muffler.

    Spada's are old enough that chances of finding a perfect exhaust in a wrecker would be fairly low.
  9. rust

    Thanks d2 - after inspecting, it looks like the hole is limited to one area so i think i will cut it off and get some new metal welded on. Will a hole in the exhaust cause any noticible performance issues? just weighing up the benefits of getting it done.
  10. Hey when I purchased my Spada it had a megacycle exhaust already fitted to it...not sure how much it would cost or anything but it sounds nice and looks pretty good in my opinion...
    Good luck with finding one!
  11. Re: rust

    On a 4 stroke 250, I'd be really surprised if a small (like 2mm) hole would make much of a performance difference......probably sound like crap though.

    After market mufflers are great and all, but there's nothing on the market under $450.....on a Spada you have to cut off the existing muffler and clamp on the new one, for next to no performance gain (though much better sound).

    As awesome as Spadas are they're just a taster for the awesome to come......most people don't keep them beyond their restrictions, few would be keen to spend so much on a muffler.

    Sounds like you scored getting one with a megacycle