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VIC Cheap racetrack y'all might not be aware of

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Loz, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Murray Valley Training Co up in Barnawartha near the NSW border. Chas Hern runs bike track days there, with some of the cheapest track coaching I've seen - $135 for a track day, $110 for one-on-two coaching, hire bikes start at $150 for a CRF450R motard that I f*ckin' LOVED.

    It's a short but flowing 1.6km track - here's a couple of laps with a shit rider:

    I went up and did a day's coaching with Chas, wrote it up here: Review: Gizmag gets some racetrack coaching with the Murray Valley Training Co.

    The MVTC website is here: Murray Valley Training Centre – Bringing riders to the track
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  2. Unfortunately a tad far from Sydney..

    Why can't there be more reasonably priced tracks out there.
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  3. I like the layout. Unfortunately the trip there will cost more in time and money than more local tracks :(
  4. More tracks would be good actually! Yeah more reasonably priced tracks would be good too, but just more options would be nice.
  5. That's awesome. I'm doing that next year when I get back from overseas for sure!
  6. Reasonable pricing, where it is I'd hire a bike due to distance, I checked their website but little info on available hire bikes. Did they give you a list you can post so we at least have indicative price points to work from?
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    Looks like fun!
    Wouldn't trailer hire be a better option SpiritechSpiritech?
    It's not very far, it's just that in your little corner of the country, where you are spoilt for choice with 200klms, it might seem like it.
  8. I hate driving with a trailer, more than I hate driving. I've done it for motor racing and I don't intend to do it again. Trailers are cumbersome, hard to manoeuvre and store(or expensive to hire). Plus if I crash a track bike on a track I am insured to a point rather than the nothing I get with my road bike. If I had a track bike I'd trailer it there, and have considered several times buying a wrecked SWO GSXR or R1/6 to turn into a track bike but the amount of work involved outweighs the money I might have to put in to a hire for track days.
  9. There's a ZXR400 and a GSX-R600 as well, I've asked Chas for a price list.
  10. Amcn had alittle story on this.
    20160811_122116. 20160811_122110_007. 20160811_122052.
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  11. Been to Marulan Driver Training centre? Or Wakefield park? Let me know if you'd like to try either?
  12. Awesome looking track, looks like it'd be great fun. Wouldn't mind if it had some run off areas and ripple strips, and some feature to use for reference points.
  13. I can see myself doing some training here. Shall save some bucks and get the gear happening
  14. Problem is, the only weekend slots (at Wakefield) are always within one week of a weekend date at SMSP. If you add the travel time, fuel etc then paying a bit more for SMSP is not that bad.
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  15. OK here we go:

    Honda CRF450 supermoto: $150
    Kawasaki ZXR400: $200
    Suzuki GSX-R600 (Supercorsa tyres, Ohlins suspension): $350

    Hire bikes I believe come with stands and tyre warmers.

    Gear hire $85
    Tyre warmers $30
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  16. That's quite reasonable!
  17. Cheers for the info. I will be checking this out for sure.
  18. I also prefer SMSP, but it may be interesting to try the other two just for a day. Although I'd me bore interested in Wakefield park than Marulan. Marulan looks too short.
  19. Booked a track & coaching day :woot:
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  20. I think this is the place RideTek are planning a weekend coaching session for early 2017
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