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Cheap protection - Hi-vis vest [Now with pics]

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Marc, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Got myself one today....at a princely sum of ..... $6 from a $2 shop. She insisted on charging me the triple what I offered.

    One-size-fit-all XXL but it's a good fit over my leather jacket. I do look a little less cool but am now very highly visible :p
  2. Re: Cheap protection - Hi-vis vest

    You won't find many sympathisers on here Marc, however I am one of the annointed and I wear a curiously named 'long-sleeved' hi-viz vest, and like the old credit card ad' I "don't leave home without it" :) Mine was more like 10 quid though...must've been the extra material in the sleeves :wink:
  3. I have 'borrowed' one from work and will be wearing it while learning and at night. Bike's are damn hard to see and I dont know why people think it is weak or gay to be visible. Would rather be upright and look like a nerd than on the deck and look shit hot in clothes the ambos have to cut off me
  4. :worthlesspics:
    Just wanna see how 'uncool' it looks :p
  5. I bought one too, against my wife's wishes I might add. I put it in one of the panniers so now I "feel" safer... :)

  6. Thinking about getting one of these vests myself.

    Personally i think helmet colour makes a difference. When a bike is infront wearing a white/bright helmet i find it alot easier to see him and what he's doing. If he headchecks then he's going to change lanes.
    Whereas the guys with black/dark helmets i find them changing lanes with less predictability since its harder for me to see when they headcheck.
  7. I've been wearing one for a while and its like I've moved to planet nice.
    Makes a huge difference. I no longer care what it looks like.
  8. I got a rainproof/windproof one with reflective stripes etc and wear it in heavy rain or at night.
    Despite what some people say it definately makes a difference, you can tell people at intersections have noticed you more.
    HOWEVER don't assume they have seen you and even if they have that doesn't mean they won't pull out anyway... :mad:
  9. You are spot on. The Yanks, predictably, have it all thought out. :)

    "Top 10 High-Viz Tips.
    These 10 strategies will be most effective at helping you get noticed by other drivers.

    1. Fluorescent/Reflective Safety Vest 4 Points
    2. White Helmet 3 points
    3. Brightly Colored Jacket 2 points (Deecubed: little need if you do "1" :?: )
    4. Strategic Lane Positioning 2 points
    5. Headlight Modulation 1 point (Deecubed: yes it's legal in 'Oz :!: )
    6. Flash Your Taillight 1 point
    7. Reflective Tape 1 point
    8. Movement 1 point
    9. Auxiliary Driving Lights 1 point
    10. Hand Signals 1 point"


    :roll: To the naysayers, check out the site and then contribute so as not to send Marc's thread down the usual path :roll:
  10. Good onya, Marc :)
    I've seen a few more being worn lately.

    When buying my gear I always keep visibility in mind. I can't bring myself to wear the high-vis vests, but I refuse to buy grey gear/bike. I choose bold contrasting colors, like my helmet and bike, or solid bright colors, like my jacket. I couldn't find a good bright winter jacket, but the reflective piping on it is sooooo bright! I also put reflective stickers all over my bike and helmet :LOL:

    Although I have to admit, I've considered wearing my high-vis on those mega foggy mornings when people can bearly see out their own frosted up cars.
  11. Which as of June this year are now illegal to use in normal weather conditions (finally).
  12. Just remember that even if you wear a hi vis vest and paint your bike fluro pink, some drivers will still be blind to the fact you exist
  13. If RTA happens to find itself written on the back of your hivis you will find cars behind give you more room...
  14. If you had POLICE writen behind your hi vis vest, they would give you even more room
  15. Now with pics ...

    So I buckled under pressure and got myself photographed :cool:



  16. red flag.. bull
  17. its turned you from wanna be ghostrider...to fonzie.....and there isn't a car on the road that would dare cut off the fonz
  18. hahahaha

    Seriously kills the cool leather jacket but safety first is the smarter choice.