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Cheap protection for your bike...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by 6ixxer, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. We all understand the dilemma in spending hundreds to protect a bike that may be a POS. Now there's no excuse...

    Aldi are selling new york noose style chains and locks for $20 :eek:

    I'd buy 4 at that price put them all over the damn thing.



    I paid around $200 for my Kryptonite :?
    While it may be slightly harder to cut, if they've come prepared with cutters, its only gonna make a difference of 30sec. Why pay the extra $180.

  2. So you get yourself a chain...
    Stops you bike being ridden away, but not from being carried away. Not unless its chained to something solid.

    I looked around for ground anchors some time ago and wasn't too happy paying $200 for something when the weakest link is still the chain.

    So $7 for a pair of trailor Jockey wheel U bolts from supercheap and $30 for a Ramset concrete epoxy tube from Bunnings.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Yes, thats two ground anchors for $37. Thats $18.50 each if you're going halvies with someone.

    Might not be quite as secure as the shop model, but a shite load cheaper. If they're prepared to cut through 12mm bolts then they've brought the tools to get through your chain, etc anyway.

    *Note - Thats not the exact ramset tube i got. I got one that fits in a standard caulking gun.
  3. I've had one bike stolen and my current one attempted to be stolen, and while they were both insured and i wasn't left with a big expense to get back on the road, the inconvenience still stings.

    Imagine how you'd feel if you played the insurance gamble and lost.

    I still can't justify paying the extra for something that is really only a visual deterant / delaying device. If they really want the bike, they'd get it either way.

    At least with an outlay of $57 for one anchor and chain or $77 to add a second chain, you can be sure that you're bike is safe from all but the more determined thieves.

    I'd even happily help locals out by bringing a hammer drill and caulking gun and help install.

    *Gives thieving pricks teh finger*
  4. Got one of these chains from aldi the other day during the bike specials.

    have been using it when the bike is out of the garage, but after the shooting next door (trying to steal a guys car as he got out?) its made me think twice about the security of my neighbourhood.

    Might do the ol'anchor point in the wall and chain it to that. ;)