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Cheap oil filters?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by woodsy109, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Where can I get reasonably priced oil filters? My local honda dealer likes to **** me everytime I go in there ($70 for filter another $30 for oil). Does anyone know where I can get them cheaper, possibly online?

    I would prefer if you can recommend only places you have used or have been recommended to you. I can use google but would like some feedback from real customers.

  2. I pay like $15 for mine from dealer, Hifiltro brand, OEM is probably a lot more
  3. +1
  4. Are you sure you've got your prices around the right way?
  5. Ahh yeah. Although I might have underestimated the oil cost cause it was about 6mths ago. The filter was certainly $70 though as that is something I can't forget :LOL:

    So people buy through their dealers eh? Might have to specify OEM and see if that makes some difference.
  6. hifiltro brand here too. Hard to find one over $20.

    You can get em from supercheap too but other than that any bike shop that sells new parts.
  7. Honda OEM oil filters for CBR, VFR etc are $20- $25 from Peter Stevens. Air filters are more like the $70 quoted.
  8. Are you sure its $70 for a oil filter? Thats way to high it must be a mistake
  9. i think you misunderstood the guy. maybe $17
    normaly oem are around $20-25 but ask for generic brand. you can easily get them for under $15 bucks
  10. I got a chrome K & N on Friday for $26
  11. Seems i've been bent over and taken for a ride :LOL:

    It WAS $70 and the first oil filter I have purchased for any bike.
    Won't be going back there again, which won't be too much of a problem cause they give crap service as well.