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cheap OEM parts?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Loz, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. You can get fibreglass fairings cheapish, but plastic is always expensive dude. Best you'll be able to do is maybe find some of the same colour at a wreckers, or get your welded and resprayed.

  2. Check out:


    They also come up on ebay pretty regularly.
  3. No such thing!

    You can try O/S suppliers, with the $AUD at 17 year highs, if they will ship parts to you, even after that cost you can save a bundle.

    Don't do the cheap nasty fibreglass or plastic weld and paint fix on a new bike, it is so easy to tell it has been repaired, and at re-sale time, it will cost you, especially if the bike is still fairly new.
  4. Hi...i beg to differ on the repair thing....Some repairs are better than others!
  5. Agree some are better than others, but no matter how good, you can always tell it's been repaired.
  6. i dunno about that also....we have done some parts off brand new bikes that have been damaged while being unpacked....and beleive it or not sometimes the factory rework stuff...for example VTR250 tanks.... i have yet to see one that hasnt been every colour in the VTR250 range from new!Everytime i get one for repair i ask the owner if they bought it new and most of the time the answer is yes....candy red that has yellow/flat black/blue underneath :D
  7. See Steve Crow, Crow's custom paint in Beverley Hills, Dingy little workshop, and Crowie will take longer than some, but he is one of the best around, and prices are quite good.
  8. Collidascop NW Sydney somewhere (hornsby?). I've seen their work and it's pretty good.
  9. customize the bike... respray it your favorite color, put some bling parts on it...
  10. There's a fair few original panels on ebay at the moment.
  11. I take it you dont have insurance? Im guessing not otherwise it would be crazy to not make a claim.

    For original supplies in sydney, you will get seriously owned. bikepartssydney.com.au seem cheaper than most places in sydney.

    Youd be better off ordering overseas, I just ordereded some stuff for my cbr600rr from http://www.speedsupplies.com/ youd find them waaaaay cheaper than a local seller.
    edit: Thought I should mention, I received my order from speed supplies but it was missing parts, I emailled them and so far they havent replied, hopefully theyll reply and send out the missing bits.

    Also theres there aftermarket fairing option from ebay.