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Cheap nikes

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lornetkowiec, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. So I found a winner for tigers at asicscloset.com now I ordered a pair of air maxs for $70USD from nikemax-madness.com. They are $240 in shops here [-(

    Heres hoping they're legit...Now I wait:busting:
  2. Last time you plug this lot this is not the first time and you are coming across as spammy.
  3. smee don't think he is a spammer as the asics website above really do offer bargain authentic asics. I showed the other thread to a workmate who likes them and he ordered 3 pairs and wears them all the time.
  4. Wow. Sorry Smee. I won't post anymore links to sites...

    I was actually just trying to pass on some good sites I found with with cheap sneakers. I am in NO WAY affiliated with either of these sites, thanks Resmen
  5. Problem is spambots pick up on these and then we get bombarded and we clean up the mess,
    I responded because the post was reported, thanks for clearing that up, maybe in future be more creative with the title.
  6. lornetkowiec now you've done asics and nike both of which I don't wear. If you can find me an adidas one that would be great.
  7. I'm with Resmen, go dig us up a site that sells authentic adidas at bargain prices. :D
  8. Petes not a spammer, just loves his sneakers and crapasakis, all good
  9. Haha all good Smee. Yeah the title does look spammy :) Silly me.

    Like Goz said I love my sneakers and the prices in shops here are absolutely ridiculous. I'll do my best for ya Resmen and Kha-kees!
  10. Got em delivered. Very nice, 2 thumbs up. The retail mark up on nikes is outrageous