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Cheap learnersbike information wanted

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Martjansen, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Hi,
    I'm Mart jansen, from Holland, and next year I'm going to Australia with a friend of mine for a year, on a working holiday visa. I found out that it is fairly simple to get a learners license in australia and that you are allowed to drive allone with that. I hope that it is possible for a foreigner with a visa for a year to get that license, but i don't know for sure, I have sended a email to the roads and traffic authority about this.
    If it is possible I like it very much to get it and drive trough australia. In holland we have a very good site for buying motorcycles (,and all other kinds of stuff,) directly of (former) owners. But i can't find something like that in australia. I'm searching for a moterbike for around 1000-1300 dollar in the surroundings of sydney. Do you think this is possible?(in holland i can find loads of bikes in this price catagory)
    I hope you can help me with good webpages or other information.
    thanks in advance

  2. check out www.bikesales.com.au and www.tradingpost.com.au

    $1300 is a pretty small amount of money, if you were planning on travelling around australia on a bike i think you'd need to spend more than that to get something reliable, say $2500 and even then i'd be worried about breaking down on a freeway in the middle of nowhere..

    i'm not sure about the licencing, couldn't you just get an international licence so that your holland bike licence would be valid over here? (assuming you have one.)

    welcome to the forum i hope we prove useful :grin:
  3. thanks for the sites, they seem very usefull.

    I don't have a holland bike license, over here it is very expensive to get one, it will cost you at least 1500 euro( about 1875 au dollar). So when i read about how cheap you can get it there i saw an apportunity. The license probably won't be valid here, but i will have a lot of riding experience.

    here is what you can get in holland for about 700 euro ( 1000 dollar)
  4. You could get something like that for 1500-2000 here.
    When you come to australia make sure you get your L's in a state that allows riding alone on you're learners (I don't think all states allow this)
  5. My cousin from New Zealand got his L's here when he was just visiting for a year.

    Australia and New Zealand are virtually the same country as far as immigration laws go though, so not sure if it would be as easy for anyone from Europe.

    You can get a very good roadworthy 250 for $1500-$2000 on road. It won't be flash- something like a CB250, but it'll be reliable and fun.

    Alternatly, you could get a bigger bike (if you're confident enough), like that CB450 for around $1500, but it'll be older- expect mid-80's. There's a fair chance of buying a dog if you're not carefull with that age.
    An XJ650 or a Z650 would be the go if you're after a cheap, reliable bigger bike.

    www.ebay.com.au has the biggest range of cheap bikes by far. Never bargains, but hardly over the market value either. There's good and bad amongst them like anywhere, just give any prospects a thorough going over before bidding.
  6. You better figure out which state you're going to get your licence in. As said before, different states have different tests/rules/prices - some you can't ride alone, some you can only ride 250cc motorbikes etc etc.

    In Vic a learners will cost around $250 (includes a full day training course, which is the best way to go if you're not experienced).
    After passing you can ride by yourself, but you are limited to a 250 cc motorbike.

    Someone else can fill you in on the other states.
  7. Just wanted to know how much u were planning to spend on protection??

    Leathers / jeans, gloves, boots, helmet????

    Might need to save a few more Euro's bud.

    p.s - dont forget registration & insurance also.

    good luck
  8. We sell very good machines here in Australia, called "VICTA" for around the $800 mark

    about as fast as a lawn mower.

  9. You said Sydney area, so I'm guessing you'll be living there for the duration...
    In NSW, you have the LAMS system which means you can ride "practically" any bike up to 600cc, but on your price range, the 100-250cc option may be better :p
    At least for victoria, Registration costs are about $350,
    Expect to pay around the $100-120 mark for third party inner city, no fire or theft. ($25 for a disk lock :p)
    Plus compulsory helmet and gloves* - $300 upwards, and testing ($250), you're looking at about $2000 to $3000 to be upwardly mobile for the year.

    Personally, I wouldn't touch ebay with a barge pole - If I can't see whats on the inside on the photo, I don't buy it (most expensive was a beemer I saw asix months ago - bloke got it for 5 grand, looked alright in the pic, bike is worth 6 1/2, he spent 4 grand getting it up to a _ridable_ condition...

    www.redbook.com.au is probably better for overall model pricing, and www.bikesales.com.au for local pricing (and you can check it against redbook)

    We never got the Nighthawk in Australia, but we got the CB250 instead (shares the same model name as the nighthawk)

    I'm imagining that due to the release of the CBF250
    (which seems to me like the bastard child of a CB250 and a VTR250 - Better looks, but the engine is still gutless...)
    Prices for the CB250 are going to go through the floor (I'm assuming that as it replaces the CB250, it will still carry the same low price)

    Worst case scenario, we could always set you up with a CT110 :p

    *And yes, gloves should be compulsory... at least, so you can wipe your own bum in hospital when you wipe out while not wearing a jacket and pants...
  10. To get a bike licence in Sydney I think you will need to be able to prove that are you living in Sydney.

    Which means you will need something with your name and a Sydney address on it.

    Like a rent reciept, or a telephone bill etc.

    I know it's very expensive for many European riders to get a bike lic, my mate Daniel lives in Germany and we have talked about it before.

    I also do not think that you should just jump on a bike and ride around Oz without some experience before hand.
    Our city traffic is a lot worse than anywhere in Holland. Think London, Paris, Rome, LA.

    Even if you are out in the bush (our countryside) you will need to be able to ride on loose surface dirt roads, perhaps often in bad weather.

    Previous bike riding experience would be highly recommended.

    That's not to say you could not do it without riding in Holland first, I admire your way of thinking.

    Good Luck.