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Cheap, LAMS legal light offroad tourer.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by LineNoise, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. Looking for something that will handle gravel roads and the odd firetrail with reasonable grace and still eat up highway miles reasonably well. Basically something like a V-Strom but LAMS legal. Oh, and the cheaper the better...at least to a point.

    What's my best option here? Old KLR650 with some luggage and shield?
  2. Try advrider for opinons. vote one for the transalp 650.
  3. kle500, parallel twin motor & 21,17, basically a small strom with different rims

    Much nicer to ride then the klr650 on road imo, didn't get a chance to ride it off road
  4. yeah i think a transalp is LAMS approved, they're probably better than a klr/kle, got a bit more grunt so you can actually ride them properly and the weight is nice and low, making it very stable.
  5. Sounds like a job for DR650Man.
  6. The DR650, KLR650 and the Transalp 650 are all good choices and they all have their strong points.

    If you do more bitumen than dirt then I'd recommend the Transalp, if you do more dirt than bitumen then I'd recommend the DR650.

    If you aren't sure or if it's about 50/50 then consider the KLR650.
  7. An F650 or preferably, a pegaso

  8. + one

    it's the kwaka that preceded the versys and it ticks the 'cheap' box and the 21' front
  9. Cheers guys. I'll have a look at the KLE and Transalp for sure. I'd thought about the Transalp but had in my head it was a 750 like the AT.

    Don't think the budget stretches to a Beamer. This would already be a 2nd bike, technically a third if we're counting things that aren't rego'd at the moment. 8-[
  10. How many ks would be too many on a late 80s XLV600 Transalp if I only really needed it to last a year or so?
  11. The Transalp motors are very under stressed and have a reputation for lasting for lots and lots of kilometres.

    Putting a figure on it isn't really possible but there are couriers who have done several hundred thousand kilometres on them.

    Of course a poorly looked after motor will die soon and a well looked after one will last so it really depends upon the individual bike.
  12. Yeah, that seems to be what I'm being told by everyone. Found one with a bit over 100,000 on it, yet to go have a look at it. By all reports if it's been well looked after it should be barely run in.