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cheap lams cruiser

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by baf, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. hey all, looking to get a cheap cruiser to learn on, around the $5000 mark. being 6 foot 3 and 120kg would prefer not to be a 250. what are anyones thoughts on the honda vlx400? cheers!

  2. I bought the VT400 Shadow which was released only a few months ago, it's a nice cruiser and it's LAMS approved as well, looks exactly the same as the VT750 in terms of size and it has got a nice rumble on the exhaust note.

    I'm 5'7 and 65Kg and I have no issues with the bike being 250Kg. Easy to handle due to it's low seat position.

    You should be able to pick up a second hand one for around $8000++ now.
  3. I think what you'll find is that there are not many 250+CC cruisers that meet your budget. This due to the demand for 250+CC cruisers for Learners and P-platers.

    Just had a quick look at Bikepoint for bikes in Victoria and the only bikes were Hyosung GV250's, some Honda VT250's, a couple of Suzuki Intruder 250's and some Yamaha XV250's for your budget.

    So you either need to adjust your budget, be lucky to find an old 250+CC cruiser that meets your budget or settle for a "small" 250CC bike. There is nothing wrong with starting on a nice Hyosung. There are a couple of young ones within your price range and they are not too bad to learn on.

    Just for reference, I picked up my Yamaha XVS650 for more than $ 8,000 and that was a 2004 model.
  4. hey mate i just bought a honda shadow vt600c which is lams approved the bike is a1 to ride pulls nice and hard and has aftermarket pipes and it sounds awsome, im 6,3 and 130kg so im far from small and i like the size and the power it has. I got mine very cheap (well i think it was cheap) i payed $2400 for it it was in noosa so i had it shipped down ($400) i got a rwc check last week needed new fork oil and 2 globes and thats it the only downside was as it was from noosa alot of the chrome had surface rust on it from the salt in the however i have spent maybe a day or 2 with some metal polish and pretty much cleaned most of it off... The moral of the story is sometimes if you hang out for a while you can find a good deal and dont be scared of something that needs a little work as you can save yourself a packet in total on the road with 12months vic reg and rwc my bike will owe me around $3400 which i think is good as all the other 600s i was looking at were at least 6k-7k... sorry for the long reply i talk alot :) good luck with your search and i would recomend a honda any day of the week..
  5. I'm about to be a new rider / Stay Upright course booked for a couple of weeks.

    As a new / learner / novice rider... I have a couple of friends trying to suggest to me NOT to get a cruiser... to learn on a more upright naked bike?

    Anyone got any thoughts on this?

    Naked bike sounds like best option is CB400
    but cruisers... mmm even LAMS ones sure do look good!
    Yamaha XVS650
    Honda VT750
    even a Triumph maybe?

  6. Sorry mate but the VT750 is not LAM approved, and I may be wrong but I don't think Triumph get a mention on the LAM's list. ignore what I said if your in ACT

    My theory is, your first bike is your drop it and scratch it learner bike, you may keep it for 18months and then you will probably flog it off to another learner and buy what you really want. Buy what your pocket can afford and keep your brass for quality riding gear and that next real bike.
  7. Honda VT400
    Yamaha XVS650 Custom / XVS650A Classic V-Star
    Hyosung GV650 Aquila / GV650C Classic

    Take your pick.

    I was in the same position as you a little over a year ago. Had the money was about to lay it down for an XVS650 but after considering the type of riding I will be doing, thinking about it more and seeing the cb400 in flesh, well you can see in my signature which I went for :)

    If you don't intend to commute daily or regularly hit the twisty mountains then a cruiser will be just fine not that the cruiser can't do these 2 it can but means filtering is hindered with the width of the bike and cornering angle is also hindered with ground clearance.
  8. I am indeed in the ACT, which means there are many bikes open to me not available to other new drives in other states ;)

    At this stage my first bike won't be my primary mode of transport, but a recreational activity. Doubt I will use it to commute - but if I do I live 5 mins drive from work. I am hoping to be a weekend rider mostly, half day trips, day trips, and maybe the odd weekender. As for twisty mountains - I am keen to enjoy riding the country side... but if you mean did I want to ride those roads racing style... no... I want to enjoy the ride. I'm 42 so not interested in sports style bikes or sports style riding / racing.

    I know I should buy the CB400, but the Honda VT750 / Yamaha XVS650 look so good visually!
  9. I see what you mean. What I mean by twisty mountains is not sports style racing riding but rather leaning and enjoying corners. Bikes are not fun to ride on straight hiways and not to mention highways will eat your tyres up very quickly so hence why you will see more and more bikes in twisty/windy roads wherever they are located.

    Since you're in the ACT I believe I read somewhere here all cruisers are on the LAMS list which includes all harleys, victorys etc regardless of cc unless it has changed. If you can up you're budget maybe you could even go for a nice 2nd hand victory.

    My advice to you since you are keen on the cb400 would be to get that as it is an all round bike which can pretty much do any sort of riding except for taking it out in the bush on muddy tracks.
  10. Are you talking about the vlx400 pre 1988? Or the newer vt400

    Don't forget the honda vt600 either - I've got one of those, great bike pity your from Melb though, was trying to sell it.
  11. So there are a few cheap new lams bikes now available, INAZUMA 250, CB500f, CB125, the Ninja 300, YZF-R15 etc etc Where does this leave the old VTR250? Is the "made in japan" quality really worth the extra money in this class (as a new bike)? Also, if you van get a new 250 for $5k ride away does that make all $6k & $7k VTRs on bike point a little overpriced?