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N/A | National Cheap Insurance?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by storm69, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. I have recently bourght a 2004 DR650. Even to get the Third party slip it is going to cost me $454 from NRMA and QBE. Where else can I find this cheaper for. Im only a poor sudent and I know that Im onn my L's but it shouldnt make a difference as the previous owner had to pay $409 for it and he was 40 something.

    Also any ideas where to get the cheapest third party property insurance and or Fire and theft
  2. I am paying $600 for my GS500E fully comp with Swann, and I am on my L's too. Try them, they are the best in my opinion.
  3. Oxymoron: "A rhetorical figure in which an epigrammatic effect is created by the conjunction of incongruous or contradictory terms"

    Example: "Cheap motorcycle insurance" :LOL:
  4. More examples:
    "Friendly fire"
    "Sports personality"
  5. And another:

    Frankston Cultural Centre
  6. Another is Famous Classic Car Insurance - seemed to be cheap to me.
  7. for the computer nerds

    "Microsoft Works"
  8. Get quotes from all the following....

    I'm personally with Arista and found them very good - price, no-claim bonus, excess, etc. A couple of hundred $$ lower than the 'big names' each year, and a better excess and general coverage. As the saying goes though, YMMV :)
  9. Jason, can you let us know how you get on at Arista with the recent claim? I also obtained a quote from them at the Motcycle Expo last year and the quote was a hell of a lot cheaper than what I am currently paying.
  10. All looks good so far. Only one quote required from repairer of my choice. Phone call last week by the wife was quick and easy and they promptly send out the claim forms - about 3 pages to fill-in. Will let you know the outcome.
  11. i used to pay about $150 for 3rd party insurance on my 6R with RACV a few years ago, i'm a student too and can't even afford that now so i don't bother insuring it anymore
  12. No such thing. Get used to paying big time for insurance, its a given if you want to ride.

    My best was $1400 from Arista for 98 blade(900) 25 yo rider, 7 years experience with 30%NCB. The next best was about $2500
  13. Storm,

    This actually sounds about right.

    We (bike riders) are seriously being ripped off in NSW considering it is rare for a bike to injure a third party.

    Some action groups are putting pressure on the Government for an enquiry into this. Write to you state member, Bobby and the ACCC.

    Good luck
  14. I know you said QBE were expensive but they were the cheapest by far when I insured my Honda CB250N. Admittedly a different bike from yours but Swann were $328 and QBE were $265. Swann aslso wanted a $400 excess compared with QBE $300 excess and Swann also wanted $400 Learner excess while QBE didn't want any
  15. An update for you...
    Arista rang early last week, I never filled in my policy form last year when I paid the premium and got my covernote. I was suppossed to complete the form and return it, so they had my request in writing (it was otherwise doen over the phone). No problem though ... we'll send you another and please complete and return, but we need it before we can process the claim. In the meantime, they've sent out the assessor and gotten his report back, and just waiting on me to return the form to them before they process it. Hassle free so far :)
  16. Following this one with interest..also insured with Arista.Thanks for the updates mate 8)
  17. Ok. Just to clarify for those not in NSW. Compolsury Third Party (greenslips) insurance is to insure persons other then the rider (or driver) against injury in the event of an accident.

    In other states you pay for this as part of your registration. In NSW it has been privatised in the hope of makeing it cheaper. Of course it immediatly went up 500%.

    It must be purchased to register a vehicle.

    Recently the government has put pressure on insurance companies to drive down prices, but it has only been witnessed on car green slips. Bike greenslips remain outragously high.

    This is even more frustrating because it is actually rare to injure a third party in a motorcycle accident.

    I also agree with the comment that you can't afford to have insurance. All riders should have Third Party Property and Damage insurance. Keep this in mind;
    Telegraph poles cost about $40K each
    A derailed train could cost millions.

    I'm not such a fan of Comprehensive insurance. It's like taking a bet with someone that you are going to have an accident.

    Not only that bike insurance companies work on a 3-4 year payback, as opposed to car which is 5-7 years. This means that if you just get property and damge you can save the cost of a new bike in about 4 years.

    Keep in mind you can always buy a cheap runabout if you do have an accident and your pranged bike will always be worth something.
  18. Hey Guys,

    I rang shannons today for a quote on insurance.
    They gave me th following qoutes(roughly)
    1st party - about 480
    3rd Part - about 350

    Now this is my first bike, Its a yamaha SR185.
    Im 23 years old(24 end of June).
    And I live in Adelaide....

    Can anyone recommend something cheaper? Currently im looking at getting just 3rd party because its not worth getting 1st party on this bike if it costs so much more....
  19. sounds about right ;)

    im $860 full comp & $305 3rd party