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Cheap ink - Where in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by tlad, May 19, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    Where in Melbourne can you get cheap printer ink, Epson specifically. There were places in Perth that would usually sell genuine ink for a couple bucks less than retail. Somewhere CBD or SE preferably.


    See you,
  2. www.thecartridgeshop.com.au is an online shop with free freight over $50

    There's whispers it might be owned by a netrider member too. mods nuke this if it offends.
  3. Thank's. I'll check it out.
  4. Theres a IT shop on Burke Rd in Camberwell that has a sign out the front saying cheapest printer cartridges in melbourne... Don't know what the truth is to that though.

    Don't know the name or address... But it was near the old JB HiFi
  5. errrr, you want cheap, go a CISS. (Continuous Ink Supply System)

    I have one for my Epson printer and generally buy ink once a year.

    A normal cartridge holds about 7ml of ink and you pay some $30 for it.

    100ml of CISS is around $9, again, depending on the amount of printing you do it may work out to cost you $9 per colour per year.

    See here, www.rihac.com.au

    Tell him Zoomantics referred you ;)
  6. I thought this thread was going to be about where to get cheap tattoos..... der! :?
  7. You want some work done Johny? :)
  8. Thanks, I'll check it out. I use the printer for photos, so I'll need to check the quality of the ink.

  9. I've got a pen and a needle. You want some cheap 'ink'... call me!
  10. I used generic inks in my epson printer and my prints were terrible. You might have a better experience than I did but I think my printer knows when I put non epson cartridges in and does something funny to my colours. By all means try it but if your colours look all frigged that might be the reason. :/
  11. Umm yeah, that's why I also use genuine inks and only Epson Photo Paper.
  12. If it is for Ultrachrome ink, I suggest that you buy original.
  13. Of course it depends on the application.

    I used a CISS for sublimation work in an R230 and I use CISS in my everyday printer.

    There is bulk ink and there is "bulk ink" some of the cheaper stuff is absolutely horrible. The stuff that I buy is pretty good.

    Sam is in Ascot Vale, take a pic with you on a memory stick and ask him to print it for you before you make up your mind.
  14. the name of that shop in Camberwell is Leading Edge Computers, 782 Burke RD camberwell... If I recall. Had a quick look as I went past today.
  15. Sorry, I misunderstood. Didn't know you were looking for genuine inks. If you find cheap genuine epson inks that deliver, let me know :D
  16. which epson printer are you using.
  17. Photo R230.
  18. Thanks. Might have to do that.
  19. It doesnt ultrachrome ink. so you should be fine using aftermarket inks.